…Or Jerry Buss strikes back. As far as I know and understand about this whole rigmarole is that the Lakers head organization and front office have not ruled out on trading their star shooting guard, who once allegedly stated in July 2004 that he was a “Laker for life.” What’s funny to me is the fact that recently Kobe has been shoving what he said over the summer about wanting superstars as teammates. He’s now ready for the season to begin, and is said to have been training his hardest.

There was an article featuring Derek Fisher the other day by one of the writers from the Los Angeles Times as he was commenting on Kobe doesn’t necessarily want superstars as his teammates (even though it wouldn’t hurt.) He rather wants players that will give it their all and play their hardest night in, night out. Derek Fisher followed up by saying that Kobe will be pleased with what he gets out of him [D-Fish] respectively.

A day after (today), Buss releases those comments that I just mentioned in the first graph and now the media is all over it. “Kobe soon to be out,” “Kobe, ‘now he’s the one under the bus’,” etc. I guess it will die down as soon as the season begins. But you know, that Los Angeles media is taking what Buss said and running in stride in it. Does it ever to occur to you, the reader, that Kobe may regret what he said over the offseason? If I were Kobe, and over the past 9 years I’ve had to watch basketball’s best team (the San Antonio Spurs) continue to dominate the regular season and win 4 titles over that span I’d probably be jealous and be ready to explode too.

But, hey, you have to sit back and wait your turn, Kobe, you’ve won 3 titles now; if you want a 4th, you have to wait and see what happenes. At least you have titles, in which a lot of people seem to have forgotten.


6 thoughts on “Kobe Strikes Back!

  1. I don’t think Kobe will ever win another title. He’s had his run. It KG’s turn turn to get a ring now (I hope). By the way, I know it’s preseason and all, but the Celtics look really good. They are moving the ball around better than I thought they would. I expected it to be a lot more isolation for the three superstars. The sad thing is, KG was strongly considering going to the Lakers but decided not to due to the bad things he was hearing about the management, from Kobe himself. WOW

  2. Just imagine when Pierce catches fire during the regular season. If they can keep turnovers to a minimum, and if Rondo can continue to be a legit distributor, they will be fine.

  3. Boston? I’m sorry, but I don’t see it happening… even with Garnett, Allen & Pierce, they’re not as good as the top few teams in the West.
    Rondo may be better than advertised, but a second year PG doesn’t lead this team to the promised land.

    On Kobe? Hell, I can understand his frustration. The Lakers have had the best player in the league for years, but refuse to put players around him. It would seem that the Lakers had the Marion deal, but refused to pull the trigger on it… as they felt it didn’t improve them enough to win. Err… huh?
    The ineptitude of the Lakers management is just astounding… Trade to GET Kwame, but trading to get Shawn Marion? No thanks…
    Just… amazing.

  4. What really makes my stomach churn is the number of people believing Kobe is the reason for Shaq departing LA. I had read from several valid sources in the past that Buss reportedly TOLD Shaq that he was too fat, and didn’t deserve the money involved in the contract extension he was wanting. Therefore, the trade happened.

    Oh, and I bet the Lakers feel really dumb right now getting rid of Caron Butler. I thought that he played well in ’04-’05 even though the Lakers as a team failed. He eventually is traded along with CHUCKY ATKINS to Washington and look at how he’s setting in as a roleplayer there beside Gilbert Arenas.

    Buss has only himself to blame for at least a big chunk of the Los Angeles Lakers downfall from glory.

  5. I can understand Kobe’s frustration also. I would love to see him stay in L.A. and I am sure the NBA would too. However, in sports these days, all things must change and he’ll soon be sporting a new uni. It’s a shame. It will be a bigger shame L.A. will then begin its slow descent towards “Knick territory.” The franchise will take a long time to recover. What was Phil Jackson thinking when he came back?

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