I’m going to try and make the upcoming list as coherent as possible. I’ve been taking time away from all work, and had to take a trip to the doctor this morning to get something to cure this crap. Anyway, the NLCS starts up tomorrow night, and the ALCS begins on Friday night. The baseball season is coming to a close; and even if your team is not playing, it’s a must-watch because it’s the postseason first and foremost, and what else (besides football) is there to watch until pro and college basketball starts?

10.) It’s really good to suppress your fire on Red Sox forums when bashing their fans. This is the time where they become paranas, and you will get eaten up if you try to debate, making yourself look like a fool. A lot of their fans are obnoxious and believe they’re a step higher than everyone else, but then you have the fans who respect others and are only being objective trying to hope for the best in their team and holding off the hate in hope that karma doesn’t come back to slap them. Trust me, I kinda did back in 2004 on Red Sox forums. What happened? My Cards were swept from the ‘Series. By the way, if you’re a Red Sox fan, check out this interesting Boston Sports blog here.

9.) More people to say the Rockies are going to be dominated. People just won’t give them their due!

8.) The Tribe are playing with a chip on their shoulders. They are the only team to not sweep their ALDS opponent (the New York Yankees.) As far as I know, they’re wrongfully underdogs against the Boston Red Sox, and the Sox should be (which I’m sure they will [be]) bringing out their near best in this series to rip apart the potent and poised Indians.

7.) I’ve been questioning myself; if the Red Sox win the World Series, how many months will it take for people to quit quantifying this World Series to the 2004 World Series? Really. I bet it would take at least until February, because Yankees fans sure would be around to spice it up.

6.) Remember the 2001 World Series? Arguably one of the best ever (a month after 9/11, however, inflicted some sentimental feelings); just because the way it ended, and the timely (Game 7) juncture of how it ended made it out to how good it was. No one really ever talks about it anymore. D-Backs fans cherish it, Yankees tend to forget it the best they can, and maybe.. just maybe if the Diamondbacks can enter the ‘Series sweepstakes again this year we could see more reverence bestowed upon it.

5.) Jeff Francis is a big underdog, again. In the NLDS, he pitched a quality game in game 1, got the win (I believe?) Now on a bigger level and on a ground that he, and most of the Rockies roster, have never been on before.

4.) These are the times I’d like to shut off ESPN for three weeks. Every year during a sport’s postseason, there’s always these dumb rumors about this/that and what’s going to possibly happen to a player or coach. In recent years, let me focus on basketball — 2005, the Spurs and the Pistons were going at each other. Rumor had it that Larry Brown would leave. The media covered it like flies on crap. 2007, another Spurs NBA Finals, the constant Kobe Bryant trade talks were also aggravating and on the contrary. Now to baseball, in 2006 when the Cards were in the World Series playing as huge underdogs against the lesser-skilled Detroit Tigers, sports personalities were dying (not like you could truly help that, however, but it was a travesty.) Let’s not forget that Red Auerbach died on the night the Cards won the ’06 Series (October 27, 2006) which dampened my mood quite a bit. Four or five deaths followed. Now we’re nearing the 2007 World Series. How annoying could it possibly get to listen to talks that Alex Rodriguez could possibly be leaving the Yankees? That’s sure ‘fresh’ news! (Sarcasm.) We have been hearing that for the past six months since the season started in April. Give me a break. Please, MEDIA, shut your can about Joe Torre too! Leave that up in New York. While I may be a Cards fan, I’ll read my news about Tony La Russa and all else concerning my favorite baseball franchise on a St. Louis Sports forum or site with syndicated news, thank you very much! Let us watch the freaking World Series when it concerns on-the-field action and baseball! Even if it means having to puke hearing so many people ride the Red Sox’s nuts more than they have before from this season and years past!

3.) I can only imagine what my blogging buddy Sportsattitude has been feeling since Saturday night (you can read his blog by accessing his pseudonym from my Blogroll, or by being lazy and clicking here.) Again, only in my imagination can I wonder what it’s like to be a Philadelphia sports fan. Since I’ve been a St. Louis sports fan, primarily, my whole “long” life (with the exception of a few teams I have an affinity for, outside of the NBA), the only pain of losing I’ve felt was the 1990s watching the ugliest team ever, the St. Louis Rams, play; as well as the past 18-years of the Boston Celtics have seemed to have been doomed by the “Len Bias curse.” Things are ugly now for the Rams, but nothing compared to the 90s. And nothing compared to Philly sports. But nothing is better than being a die-hard, and Sportsattitude knows and realizes more than anyone that the truth to that is heavy, but he as anyone else who can balance life with sports knows that blind love for sports sometimes gets us sports fans a little rallied too high for fans to only get their hopes caught up and slapped away by teams that seem to win all the time. Why and how this is relevant to this post? To let you blogger that are fans of teams still in the postseason understand that us fans of teams that aren’t able to watch their teams in the postseason are still keeping their ears open, whether we want to or not. Sports are practically, and maybe falsely, in our blood as crazy fans.

2.) Which manager of the final four teams has the craziest name? You have Clint Hurdle (remove the C, and you have Lint Hurdle.) You have Bob Melvin (Bob, a usual white male’s name (with the exception of Bob Sanders of the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts, one of the best defensive players in the game), mixed with the last name of Melvin. I’ve never met one white male in my life with the name Melvin. Tell me your thoughts.) You have Eric Wedge, and really.. that may be the most normal name in the NLCS/ALCS! Then, last but not least..*drumroll please*.. Terry Francona. Really cool name, by the way. Have you ever eaten at the drive-in named Sonic? Well, Francona sounds like one of their hotdogs they serve.

1.) For what it’s worth, those who are sick of the Yankees and Red Sox and their rivalry seeming to take the next step every year when the two teams seem to always make the postseason, how great would it be to watch the Indians jock on the Red Sox and dump on their parade? I don’t know one Yankees fan who’s rooting for the Sox, but they must be getting sick of imagining the Indians in the World Series (because a lot of Yankees fans I know, have a strong disdain for the Indians.) The moral of this is, we all have been waiting for the true demise of the 2000’s New England Patriots. Well, the Boston Red Sox have been on a nice roll for the most part this year too. When’s the ending for both teams when they’re back to being average? Time will tell. But for now, one is 5-0 and the other is in the ALCS, four wins from the World Series. Just shoot me.


7 thoughts on “Troy’s 10 thoughts/things to look out for in the NLCS/ALCS

  1. What exactly do you find interesting about my blog.? Somehow I didn’t get the impression you meant that as any kind of compliment.

    As for Red Sox fans don’t lump us all in together. A lot of people online that claim to be Red Sox fans but are actually people that have jumped on the bandwagon.
    I am sorry you hate Red Sox Nation but I do not feel the same about the Cards organization or their fans. I heard multiple good stories about how Red Sox fans were treated in St Louis and your media guys were awesome and classy. Maybe I should think the opposite way after your blog. If you see nothing wrong with insulting us maybe I should start thinking all Cards fans are like you.

    Have a nice night.

  2. You know what I just remembered. Your teams both lost to us recently in the big events. So I guess you are a bit bitter. It all makes sense now.
    I find it ironic that you have a problem with Red Sox fans when you consider the stuff that was being said by Rams fans before that Superbowl. They were ten times more obnoxious then any bandwagon Red Sox fan I have come across online.

  3. FDA, I apologize for whatever misinterpretation I caused in my article. By linking to your site, it indeed was a compliment rather than anything else. Don’t feel insulted by any means. I realized the other day that quite a few Boston fans read my blog. I thought that since you wrote a colorful and insightful Boston Sports blog, that I would link them up to your blog so they could read more insight on their favorite team instead of my own bland ranting.

    Maybe I shouldn’t have linked them, because honestly I’m not sure how you received a bad vibe from it. But since you allegedly do, please do accept my aforementioned apology and understand that I was only being a, what you’d call, a “linkful” blogger. If I find a site that is helpful towards others, or is in a way relevant to who they like in sports, I’m obviously going to post it.

    I think this whole time you’ve been confused, and have for some reason been thinking of me as an enemy for my disdain for the Pats and the Sox. Please understand again that by all means that I post a lot of sarcasm-related junk (even if it is bad sarcasm) and when I use the word “hate,” I use it loosely and as a way of scrutinized pity. I respect them just as much as any other team in the league, I just like poking fun. As for the Patriots, re-read this article I wrote back last month: https://tstos.wordpress.com/2007/09/12/spypat-20). Later the next day, or the same day, I posted an article that Bernie Miklasz (who’s an awful writer, and always bashes Scott Linehan as much as he can, while having a tasteless opinion and perspective) wrote. Again, I posted it for people to rip it apart. Don’t for a second believe my opinion rests with him because that only contradicts the other article.

    If you still believe it’s truly insulting and gruesome, fine, I can’t hold you there. Ever since you started commenting on my blog, I’ve just believed to myself you were also just being relaxed and just speaking jokingly until I read your two comments here.

    After thinking a bit, was this excerpt from a comment you left on another one of my posts directed towards me? If so, you got it all wrong, guy:

    “I can understand the hate with what happened and the jealousy of other teams fans but some of the stuff I am reading is ridiculous.”

    If you were referring to those who were whining about the subject, then I agree. If you were, however, blatantly blasting me for whatever reason, then I would be relegated to think of you as the insultive one. However, that’s not the case, so refrain yourself from making this something personal when it’s not.

    If you want to think Cards fans are like me, go ahead; I can’t hold you back or change your opinion. Realize that I’m a grown man and refuse to refute and argue relentlessly over who’s classy and who’s not.

    Ultimately, again I apologize and I hope you refrain from what you wrote and reconsider thinking of me as a classless blogger, and realize that for why I posted your blog was for the reason I mentioned earlier.

  4. Troy, you shouldn’t have wasted all that time apologizing over nothing. if that guy wants to hate your blog and you because you dislike the Red Sox and Patriots. No biggie, because i know you like anyone else Troy and you’re a class act like no other even though i disagree with you here and there

    Im not sure if you remember me but i was CelticMan52 on one of realgm a few years ago. We use to collaborate articles on the Celtics and dissect them in and out. fun days man.

    anyway as a ending note to the guy who’s bashing you…..listen up, kid, ive been a sox fan since 1962 and have listened to more shit in 45 years than any long-tenured red sox fan i have ever met. from the looks of your site and what you say on here you make us sox fans look bad. I’ve lived in Massachusetts for 55 years (my life) and have seen it all and have suffered more painful moments in sports than i can count. you look like the rude one here, now.

  5. Hey Bill.
    Who the hell asked your opinion.? and don’t call me kid.
    Why don’t you go back to the secret forum at Celtics blog where you and your co-horts ban anyone that has a differing opinion and stay the hell out of other people’s discussions.

    If you had read what I said I NEVER bashed the Cards fans. I gave them credit but why let facts get in the way of “Celtic fans logic”
    I came here to thank you for the linking advice it worked. That being said the way you worded your comments with the link came across as a bash. “Interesting” is usually reserved for a way of saying something isn’t good.
    That wasn’t just my impression. Others I have shown it agreed with me.
    Sorry but I am an honest person and I write what I feel.

  6. Bill, I remember you. ‘Glad to hear from you again. However, I must respectfully anoint that I do not tolerate those kinds of comments on here. This is a blog, and the comment section can indeed be used as a forum, however I disagree with flaming others in any way whatsoever.

    FDA, I’m glad you partially understand. I agree, after reading over that section of my post that it doesn’t seem the most complimentary as to being any blogger-friendly but at the time I had no idea that it would have been thought of as an insult or anything that way. Usual, any time I use the word “interesting” I use it the way it’s defined — interesting. In my own lexicon: something that is intriguing like the greatest gravy and biscuits ever; like that.

  7. “I’d like a Francona with Medium Fries and a Large Coke.” Troy -thanks much for the highlight and the condolences on being in Philly and following sports. While a lot of cities have their individual sporting teams that have left them high and dry for many, many years just like us…the massive, unrelenting drought in Philadelphia continues across the board for all major sports.

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