Comparatively, it’s not so fitting. But at the same time it is.

Colorado Rockies
Arizona Diamondbacks

Boston Red Sox
Cleveland Indians

I couldn’t believe I would get this excited or this influenced to think this way, but there are three times of those four that I wouldn’t mind see winning (any of the three besides the Boston Red Sox.) However, it’s in my own interest to watch the Colorado Rockies, the MLB’s true heartfelt underdog story, defeat the Arizona Diamondbacks. Yes, I’m still on that Rockie bandwagon. Not to mention, rookie Troy Tulowitzki is the catalyst of the Colorado Rockies’ whole playoff run they have trumped-up thus far in sweeping the heartbroken Philadelphia Philles. Now that’s fitting.

Let’s not go too far in pitching down and away with the Arizona Diamondbacks. They sure looked good in their sweep of the Chicago Cubs. The pitching staff played smart and held the Cubbie offense in check. Soriano? Flustered. [Aramis] Ramirez? Bewitched. (More like.. BeWebbed?) Where was Derek Lee? What about the upcoming Matt Murton? Chris Young made it his duty to serve his D-Backs, and did valiantly.

What more can I say about the Boston Red Sox and their sweep of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim? Well, to take it into a personal account, I hate it. Mostly because I hate the Red Sox and the vicarious, myriad, and copious hype they get every year. Manny being Manny played a factor, Curt Schilling’s invaluable performance in game 3 proved that he’s still able to pitch at a high level, and that’s all you need to really say because they pulled out all the tricks in their bag to eye-poke the Angels out of the playoffs. Good for them.

The Tribe made their presence against the Yankees known. In the first game, they removed a 3-2 defecit to win convincingly (12-3.) The next game, the Yankees again had a lead, but this time it was late in the game (a statue-standing 1-0 lead.) But with bugs swarming all over Joba Chamberlain’s face, he tossed a wild pitch at Jorge Posada and the Indians scored, and eventually won by a single knocked into centerfield by Travis Hafner in extra innings. Game 3 saw the Yankees, with their backs against a wall, win. However, in game 4, the Indians said “enough with this” and topped on the toppings to officially advance to their first ALCS since 1998. Good luck to the Indians.

Here’s who my heart says will win the World Series, and who against:
Rockies over Indians in 7
MVP: Garrett Atkins (batted for an average of .301 this year; hits a lifetime .302) 

Here’s who my brain says will win the World Series, and who against:
Red Sox over Diamondbacks in 5
MVP: Kevin Youklis


5 thoughts on “Rockies, Diamondbacks, Indians, Red Sox, oh my!

  1. I am gonna go with the Red Sox and Rockies, each in six games…and then the Red Sox to win it all, also in six. It will be fun to see October baseball in Denver, a city which seems to get more snow in October than January. You’d watch some of those Bronco playoff games and it would be sixty degrees or so, but earlier in the season they’d be playing in snow with a negative wind chill. I’m betting at least one World Series game there gets snowed out.

  2. I never even took that into consideration. Sure, Arizona’s use to playing Colorado during the regular season, but never in October in that chilly place over in the high altitude zone. That’s pretty intriguing now that you mention it.

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