The Cardinals @ Rams game

This is the most disgusting officiating crew on earth. There have been 3 terribe calls go against the Rams and in favor of the sorry ass Cardinals.

1. The Edge Fumble.

Edgerrin James clearly fumbled into the endzone. Look back at the replay and see that the ball popped out bofore it was completely dead. That’s 7 points regressed from the Cardinals side of the scoreboars — Rams win?
2. 4th & 6 caught by Fitz and tackled short of the line.

The ref just ran in and spotted the ball almost a full yardd ahead of where he was tackled. The drive should have been over there right. Wrong! They gave the sorry Arizona Cardinals a first down.

3. The supposed kicked ball.

Their center was fumlbing it around and then it scooted behind Tinoinsamoa and then Bartell kicked it after the play clock was expired. So the half should have been over right? Wrong! They get another play from the 1 inch line and Warner dives for a TD. Give me a friggin’ break. It’s bad enough we are playing without 8 starters, playing WITH most of our team banged around and very bad I might add, and the refs are killing us. I cant wait to see if the NFL Network talks to the head of officiating about these crucial plays. The score should be 13-3 instead it’s 17-13 Tards.

That however doesn’t change the fact that the Rams have a horrible secondary. Over 200 yards allowed in the 1st half. That’s unacceptable. Starting the game the Rams entire D had slipped to 24th overall. They’ve fallen back to where they were the last few years. Horrible.


3 thoughts on “Worst officiating I’ve EVER seen!

  1. Watching the highlights, it certainly appeared the game was chaotic throughout, with the officiating playing a big part in it. Sorry to see the Rams doing so poorly this year. A season that started so full of promise…last thing they needed was some poor refs piling on.

  2. Bad referee calls is becoming rampant in the NFL. Every week there are more than a handful of calls (or non-calls) that affect the outcome of the games.

    I don’t know what can be done, unless you fine the hell out of the referee, but h’s only human.

  3. Ever consider the game was FIXED?

    Little occurs on WWE TV that is NOT scripted or decided in advance. Same in MLB, NBA & NFL.

    USC/Stanford—–probably fixed , like Notre Dame

    ESPN’s NFL = WWE theater.

    One BILLION dollars is bet on NFL games each week.

    Commercials trump penaltiy flags and field action.

    ESPN & Nike feature doped and fixed theater shows.

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