From what I wrote, back in August, on a sports message board forum.

I’ve probably said this 3 million times, but in basketball terms and “growing as a basketball fan,” My basketball knowledge and overall IQ was helped acquired by my father, who was a Celtics fan (which I am as well as a Spurs fan). He (my father) taught me the fundamentals of basketball, and what went in to integrating teamwork. (AKA “white man basketball” (no, not a racial slur; just a dumb joke.)

I’ve always been a Tim Duncan fan ever since I can remember. I’ve always been a Kevin Garnett fan as well, but never at the same level as much that I’ve cheered for, for the Big Fundamental. They’re my two most favorite forwards of all-time. I don’t understand how some of you guys can get off on the “oh, Duncan has had better teammates” facet and ignore the one season that Garnett finally had success in, in 2003-2004 (team success that is).

Obviously, my choice of the better overall player is Tim Duncan. I think he’s the better basketball player alone on a higher level where no one else is. In my biased (yet factorial) opinion, he’s THE greatest power forward of all-time. He’s DEFINITELY the better leader, doesn’t use a large amount of aggression to make his point(s) made on the court with commotion, yet he’s an aggressive player at that. He may “whine” to the refs, but who doesn’t?

Duncan haters, get your heads out of your asses. It’s not like Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili have always been in the wing helping the Spurs fly high. The centerpiece is Tim Duncan, and has been Tim Duncan for years now. Tony Parker was selected late first round in the first round of the 2001 NBA Draft. Over the course of the next few seasons, there were talks that the Spurs wanted to trade him, and acquire Jason Kidd even DURING the NBA Finals in 2003 against the New Jersey Nets. Keep in mind that Parker never got a full force on play down until 2005, and still yet he wasn’t exaggerating on his game as he is now. He didn’t have his shot yet. In 2007, he wins Finals MVP against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Yet people ignore Duncan’s part to help free him up, throw that extra pass that doesn’t show up on the box score or the stats sheets, which attests to why so many morons like to say KG is the better passer when he’s not. Tim Duncan is the better passer than Kevin Garnett. Believe it. While your head is still in the clouds or still up your asses, throw assists out and watch games that Duncan plays in a little more and appreciate great basketball instead of turning it off every chance you get.

Duncan could have easily won that NBA Finals MVP. But unfortunately, the box score doesn’t go as deep enough to show the whole basketball story.

Onto Ginobili. Correct me if I’m wrong, but he was one of the last picks taken in 2002, and he became a factor on an doff (again, correct me if I’m wrong) as time went by. He never became extremely good (or “overrated” as many of you like to believe and state) until the 2004-2005 season where he was scoring points right out of his ass. Who’s help was it to happen? Tim Duncan, the Big Fundamental, freed up and created room for all of his San Antonio Spurs’ teammates. You can’t see that in the box score neither, folks. Defenses became so focused on Tim Duncan (and still are focused while keeping an eye on speedy Tony Parker) that the pass, back to Duncan, kick out, look-away passing to Ginobili, and the contact at the basket, or the 3’s he made, please attribute that to team defense that Coach Poppovich excelled in with the Spurs along with Tim Duncan’s genius play.

Parker, Ginobili, and the rest of the Spurs don’t make Tim Duncan better. Tim Duncan depicts the Spurs as making the rest of his teammates better. Kevin Garnett, on the other hand, is more like a guy that rides along the waves and scores his points. Garnett isn’t the type to hand down tips to younger teammates to help them become better players. He seems to be more like the guy that gets on the boogie board, and again, ride the waves. Remember 2003-2004, anyone? Garnett FINALLY does something. But really, I’m exaggerating. Garnett won MVP, got into the playoffs, but did he lead the team to the best record in the Western Conference? Hell no! Ever heard of Sam Cassell? Cassell, another guy that I think is the most underrated player in the NBA (I even wrote an article about him a while back (use the Troy’s Thoughts on Sports search engine), was the catalyst of that team in terms of controlling the tempo and making things happen. Garnett dominated the points by the team, and off of defensive rebounds, hustled the ball to Cassell on down the court switching around. You have to realize that Cassell’s play, and God forbid Latrell Sprewell’s (yes, he did have more of a part than you think), made a big difference in what happened that season.

In the end, they still couldn’t win a championship. Garnett has no leadership skills/abilities whatsoever. If he does, please do show me some effaced facts that I have never seen, agreed to, or actually witnessed in my life. I’ve watched tons off Spurs/T’Wolves games over the years, and the two are really on different levels with Duncan being way higher than Garnett. You all like to point out that the Spurs have the better players than the T’Wolves during Garnett’s tenure. That’s true. But did Duncan have better teammates? That’s not the case; it’s that Duncan taught his teammates to be better and gradually and in a quick amount over time with great coaching, they won NBA Finals together. Two with Robinson. Two without Robinson.

Just leave it at that, guys. Quit hating on the greatest power forward to ever grace the court onto NBA hardwood and face the facts that Garnett can’t carry Duncan’s jockstrap if he had to. One-on-one matchups? You’ll probably bring that up. But we’re talking about who’s the better player alone. I think it’s settled. The dust is clearing. The night sky is buzzing. Tim Duncan is the better player than Kevin Garnett.


5 thoughts on “Tim Duncan vs. Kevin Garnett

  1. I agree Duncan’s supreme individual talent often gets lost in the Spurs’ championships and the success of teammates, etc. He is the engine driving that car and, on a lesser team, would still elevate everyone’s game…that being said, I am definitely looking forward to KG playing with some guys this year who have solid talent to see if he can rise, at least for one season, to the outstanding individual and team level Duncan has been playing at all these seasons.

  2. I’m glad you wrote about this because I have a whole theory about KG and Duncan. KG and Duncan are equal in talent. KG is more athletic, but Duncan is more fundamental. Duncan however, went to the right team at the right time. When Duncan got drafted, he had the great David Robinson to mentor him. When KG get drafted he had Sam Mitchell mentoring him. Also, Tim Duncan had a pretty good team around him ever since he’s been in the league, and we all know KG’s situation. My point is, if KG got drafted by the Spurs, we would all be arguing about how great a power forward KG is instead of Tim Duncan. Everytime I watch KG or Duncan play, I can’t help but think about that.

  3. Well, speaking of the team thing again, it’s prevalent that Duncan’s style of play sets his team up for greatness, while Garnett can easily feed off of great teammates rather, like I alluded to in the article.

  4. Garnett no leadership skills? Read Chris Broussard’s article. Giving you a break since this was clearly written a long time ago. Garnett is clearly better than Duncan.

    1. How is he “clearly” better than Duncan? That’s a fucking retarded analogy considering you didn’t even bother to elaborate. The prime reason Garnett has a title right now is because of Paul Pierce and James Posey.

      Don’t be silly. Duncan was double and triple teamed during at least three of the Spurs’ titles. He was definitely double teamed in the fourth. He LED the Spurs. Garnett? He didn’t lead the Celtics — Mr. Pierce did.

      Duh, duh, duh, damn it.

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