It’s hard to fathom if you’re cheering for the Phillies over the Rockies if you aren’t a Phillies fan, or one of the respective NL West (teams) fans.

The Colorado Rockies? I know one alleged “baesball” fan that has never heard of the Rockies before this year. After he heard that they were up 1-0 in the National League Divisional Series against the Philadelphia Phillies, he asked me “who in the hell are the Rockies?” Fortunately though, this guy is originally a primary basketball fan who’s just checking out the post-season. Then again, how could you come up with something along the lines of “are the Rockies an expansion team?”

Come on. This franchise has been hanging around the Bigs for fifteen years, and before yesterday, they had only registered one (1) playoff win. And that win was moreved from the 1995 NLDS vs. the Atlanta Braves, in a garbage win as they were facing temporary elimination.

Colorado. A state that cares more for high altitudes, the Colorado Avalanche, Denver Broncos, and the Denver Nuggets. Their baseball fix has probably been accustomed to elsewhere. But this year, they watched their streaky team overcome the odds and jump over the San Diego Padres to win the NL Wildcard. Props Rockies. Let’s evaluate how their other pro teams did in their 2006-2007 seasons.

– Denver Nuggets — acquired Allen Iverson; but unfortunately for them, they ran into basketball’s dynasty and best team of the last 10 years, the San Antonio Spurs.

– Colorado Avalanche — Did they even make the playoffs? I’m not really sure. I don’t have much of the ability to watch hockey, living in the South.

– Denver Broncos — Started off hot (what? 6-2?), Jake Plummer was benched in order for Jay Cutler to start); then they took a tumble to eventually miss the playoffs.

It’s not like that’s all the Rockies have going for them. The NLDS features two imminent National League MVPs in the Phillies’ Jimmy Rollins and the Rockies’ own, Matt Holliday. More than not, the general consensus says Rollins should get the MVP. Their most common attack (when arguing) against Holliday is that half the games he appears in are in Colorado, which is nicknamed the “Bandbox” because of the easiness of smashing homeruns out of the ballpark.

The World Series shouldn’t even be marked on their calender this year. It’s not like they’re going to hold Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard, and Chase Utley to a combined 0-11 hitting day again during the rest of this series. But you should think the Rockies would know this, as they know how to control the league’s high scoring Phillies.

I don’t know about you, but since my favorite team (the St. Louis Cardinals) didn’t acheive the right to defend their 2006 World Series title, it’s fitting in my eyes to cheer for the underdog Rockies.


One thought on “Rocktober

  1. It is certainly fitting to make it “Rocktober” for the baseball fans who have no team to cheer for in the post-season, but after they finish off my Phils, I’ll need a cooling-off period before jumping on their bandwagon!

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