…It’s pretty astonishing.

-Bulger (injured since at least week two)
-Jackson (injured week three)
-Holt (admitted to being 70-80% healthy on Aug 28, is he completely healthy now?)
-Bruce (left the field injured in weeks three and four)
-Bennett (hasn’t been 100% all season)
-McMichael (strained hamstring week two)
-Pace (done for the year)
-Steussie (done until November)
-Goldberg (now out four weeks)
-Setterstrom (done for the year)
-Incognito (has yet to see the field w/ high ankle sprain)
-Little (injured week two and four)
-Hall (recently injured pectoral, diagnosis unknown)
-Wroten (suspended four games)
-Tinoisamoa (two weeks w/ injured ankle)
-Brown (suspended four games)
-Hill (expected to miss 3-5 weeks w/back injury)

As I count it, that’s 12 starters (13 if you include Holt) who have either played or are continuing to play injured, have missed time or are continuing to miss time with injuries, or have missed time due to suspension.

And we’ve only played four games this season.


2 thoughts on “When you actually sit down and think of the Rams injuries…

  1. It has been an amazing start to what will likely be a disasterous season, even in the NFC. Philly had the St.Loo-Dallas game Sunday and the Rams looked lifeless. You would have expected more against the Cowboys “flexible” defense but Bulger is obviously hurt…I wonder about ALL the receivers as you state above. Just lifeless…but then the Eagles played Sunday night and made the Rams look like they’re still in contention. St. Louis should sit Bulger down and try to get him and Jackson healthy, go with Frerotte and Leonard. Get Gus into a moving pocket and find some healthy receivers to get open down the field.

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