It’s time to huddle up, guys, and devise a plan to tank the season. The St. Louis Rams are 0-4. They look an awful lot like the 2006 Boston Celtics of the NBA. Alright, maybe they don’t, but let’s picture it. The Rams are in the NFC which is equivalent to the NBA’s Eastern Conference. (oh, by the way, let me mention that I love the Celtics in the NBA, so you don’t have to ask me if I’m a big “fanboy” or anything) The last few years, the Seattle Seahawks (aka the New Jersey Nets) have captured the NFC West. They have appeared in a Super Bowl, being dominated (much like how the Nwe Jersey Nets appeared in two consecutive NBA Finals, being dominated.)

I’m not sure how the NFC West is going to end up, but picture this, please — the San Francisco 49ers; let me call them the Toronto Raptors. Here, you have a very young team with a lot of talent and on the verge of winning the NFC West. The Raptors started off poorly in 2006 but came on strong in December and never looked back at the porous division in 2006-2007. Could the Niners do that? I doubt it. But I’m speaking hypothetically.

Then you have the Arizona Cardinals. Much like the New York Knicks, they have been awful for quite a long time (even though the Knicks were actually in the playoffs a few years ago, but let’s speak for the 2006 NBA season.) Having chances to make the playoffs, sure, but can they do it? I mean, will they blow it, rather? Ken Whisenhunt is no “white” Isiah Thomas, but being at the pit of the NFC West is a lot like the way the Knicks have felt in the Atlantic Division.

The NFC West/Atlantic Division comparisons can be floated around concurrently. In 2006, the Boston Celtics suffered through injuries, an awful head coach (Doc Rivers/Scott Linehan matches each other), and a player telling a coach that he’s willing to tank (ah, Gerald Green.) No Rams players have told any of the coaches they want to tank the season, but heck; do it! I wouldn’t mind seeing the Rams look amazing for next season. However, the Rams are no strangers to looking great on paper (their offense, during the offseason, looked top 5. They’re not even in the same area code at top 10 this year.) At 0-4, it’s time to get ready for April 2008, and see what the St. Louis Celtics (sure) can pull out of their pockets.

Postscript: I didn’t check out too many errors. Once again, I’m in a hurry and wanted to provide a spark to this forum. I could have debated with myself over whether the Cardinals compared to the 76ers as well, besides the Knicks. Albeit the Sixers being in the NBA Finals, “only” removed by six years.


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