It’s almost a year since the St. Louis Cardinals defeated the Detroit Tigers in the 2006 World Series on October 27 in five (5) games. Wrapping up the magical series with a mispronounced David Eckstein with a “David Ecksteen.” What a series the Cardinals put up against the favored Tigers.

Neither team will be representing their respective leagues this year. The Cardinals’ downtrodden season had its late highs, then crumbled to pieces right after the New York Post blasted Rick Ankiel’s and the Cards’ hopes. The Tigers’ season was overturned thanks to injuries and inconsistent pitching (I believe?), added to the fact they play in the American League which is primarily dominated by the two AL East teams that seem to matter to anyone (I refuse to name the two; you know exactly who I’m talking about) and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

Almost a year since Brandon Inge royally screwed his own team by making error after error. How about when Scott Rolen completed a WWE wrestling move on Inge rounding third base, then scrambled to get up and secure control to make his way to home plate to add another run for the Cardinals in the consequent game 5 victory.

I’m sitting here in the dark, drinking a bottle of water, and revisiting those extremely satisfying memories that were last October. Now as I finish, I’m thinking — this year, 2007, no post season for the Cardinals. There’s not another chance for the post season until April 2008. What am I suppose to do? Well, what I’m going to do is continue to watch baseball, continue to watch the St. Louis Rams blow up their season, and attempt to be patient wait for the two (NBA and NCAA) basketball seasons to start up in November.

What’s to come for 2008? That’s hard to say. Will Tony La Russa be back? What about David Eckstein and Scott Rolen? What’s the condition of Jim Edmonds? What’s the latest on what Joe Girardi is planning to do? That will all culminate soon enough. As for now, it’s time to get ready for October, even without being able to watch the Cards, it should still be enjoyable to know that at least the Cards snagged the 2006 World Series title after a 24-year wait.


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