I’m a couple of days late posting about this, but give me a break; I haven’t had time. But what’s up with Utah Jazz disgustled Forward Andrei Kirilenko? He spends six seasons in Utah; plays well for the most part. Then he spends a couple of months overseas playing for Russia. He then tells the media he wants out of Utah, will give up $63 million, and play for anyone anywhere as long as the team city isn’t Utah and the team name isn’t Jazz.

What in the world are you doing, Andrei?

Am I the only basketball fan that is scratching his head because of the timing of this bizarre rigmarole that Kirilenko is pulling. I’ve never liked Andrei Kirilenko, ‘hated the AK47 nickname, always thought he was only a decent player (yes, always decent; and I’m not going to explain that here or in the comments section once some diehard Jazz fan, Russian/flat out Kirilenko fan crushes me over it), and have always hated his haircut. Not to mention, he cried over Game 1 of the Housotn Rockets/Utah Jazz series when the Jazz were whacked. Now, I do believe in “crying” IN sports. But I believe that should either happen in an uber-happy moment or one of those crazy moments where you know you’re going to lose and it’s all of a sudden setting in. Like the 2005 NBA Finals during Game 7 after Tim Duncan, one of the greatest PLAYERS (it’s already set that he’s the greatest Power Forward ever), dished a swift eye-fake pass out to Manu Ginobili on the wing to seal the game for that 3. Then after Bruce Bowen’s block, you could see the Pistons sensing the insanity about to occur in their locker room. “Tayshaun Prince fires one up from downtown! The Spurs are the world champions!” Ahh, man; great. Those are the moments. Kirilenko’s ‘crying’ moment over GAME ONE, was ignorant and ridiculous. The Jazz ended up winning in 7 (thanks to inept defense), and Kirilenko must have sought the series to have been over after game one. I couldn’t help myself then, and can’t help myself now — me…laughing hysterically.

Anyway, the moral of my post is..why Andrei? Why now? Six years. 420 games you played. 220-230+ some you started. You go to Russia, find out your homesick and miss it there; you come back, and go off about how you want out of Utah. Is Utah so bad, really? Scared that Jerry Sloan’s going to yell at you for your upcoming season of a million turnovers? Scared of being coached by one of the greatest coaches of all-time? What in the world are you scared of, Andrei? You’re an idiot. Money isn’t everything, but I’d take the $63 million off your hands.


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