As I expected since 12:01 AM on Monday morning, I thought to myself — Oh, hey, I bet my favorite NFL team will most likely drop to 0-3 this week. No Tye Hill, still no Fahkir Brown, Tinoisamoa would probably be out, and something would just go plain wrong. That plain wrong business came throughout the game. However, here’s some of my key thoughts on the Rams’ casualties:

Marc Bulger — You’re one of my favorite players on the Rams, Marc. I defended you throughout the offseason and argued that you were the third best QB in the NFL. If I argued that today, I wouldn’t have the evidence to do it. And here’s why: I’m not going to blame the offensive line this time. Let me recollect some thoughts from the game in an announcer tune; how about, let’s say, I’m going to format what the announcers said on two key plays — “Bulger, receives the snaps and rolls out. Pass to Bruce, and it’s high, and it’s picked off!” I sat there in my chair and thought to myself “you know better than that, Marc!” Here’s the second rendition of another key play when the Rams were in their usual death chair — the red zone — “Bulger floats it to the endzone.. picked off by Rhonde Barber! Wow!” Not high enough for Bennett in the endzone. Why pass it on first down anyway? Why not run it with Jackson? Which leads me to..

Coaching Disciplinaries — Alright, Linehan. You come out of the gates having Bulger fire screen passes to Bruce, [Dante] Hall, and Torry Holt. Excellent. You keep up some plays to Leonard in the flats. Let me just say this — the best thing you did today in terms of playcalling was run Jackson in the first AND second half. The fact that Jackson had running time in the second half amazed me. What didn’t amaze me was the ignorance of the screen play calling. Short passes out to Bruce, Hall, and Holt were stuffed each and every time with no support blocking on the side; none at all. Yet Linehan still opted to run those thoughtless plays. The Rams made four or five trips to the redzone and still failed to capitalize just like the last two weeks. Would have been nice to of seen the Rams’ season be 3-0 right now, as it very well could be barring turnovers, instead of 0-3.

Defense — What can I truly say about the defense? They played as hard as they could. They had deficiencies all around without Pisa Tinoisamoa, Tye Hill, and Fahkir Brown. Constantly, they were beaten on the Clayton/Galloway slant passes. That goes to the coaching above; let me give this fault to Jim Haslett for not preparing them beforehand to be better prepared and in position. They were inconcistent on stopping the run and if I said I was impressed, I’d be popping a .9 right now through my skull, practically. Don’t let me even get started on the pass rush. They would grab ahold of Jeff Garcia’s jersey like it was flag football, and not even attempt to tackle the guy; Garcia would roll out and always get away. Sure, most of the time we seen incomplete passes. But the moral of the last Garcia story is the fact that the Rams couldn’t bring him down for the sack for extra yards being lost.

The Rams visit the Cowbows next week. I EXPECT a shootout, but who knows; the Rams may be blown out again, but since the Cowboys have such a copious discrepancy in holding opposing offenses such as the Giants and Dolphins under 500 (I’m NOT SERIOUS with the 500 stat) yards, the Rams may be in for some points.


8 thoughts on “Pure and simple: The St. Louis Rams stink

  1. Yeah, they officially stink. Not seeing the entire games they’re playing, it’s nice to hear detail as to what the hell is going on. Their fall from grace has impacted my wife and I’s fantasy teams as well. We are not pleased. Then again, after watching what the Eagles achieved today…why not expect a miracle for your Rams. A miracle came to Philly today…disguised in the form of the Lions defense…

  2. Couldn’t believe how your Eagles notched up 42 points….IN THE FIRST HALF! Geez; that really exposed the Lions defense more than it has been shown up already.

    I was thrilled to see Kevin Curtis making a lot of exciting plays. I was a big fan when he played in St. Louis, and still a big fan of “White Flash.”

    Heck, I’d like to see the Rams replicate that “miracle” against the Cowboys next Sunday. With the Cowboys D up against the skeptical Rams O, the O may come alive in all seriousness.

  3. Bulger played with cracked ribs on Sunday; I don’t get it. Linehan will do anything to win. However, Gus Frerotte, our backup, who also played in Minnesota AND Miami under Linehan (when he was an OC for both respective temas), is 9-6 under Linehan as a starter. Plus, he can take quite a few more hits than what Bulger can in terms of getting back up more easily and not being so easily prone to injuries.

    That being said, I hope Bulger gets the week off against the Cowgirls. No reason to risk his whole season.

  4. True, but they have to keep Gus away from the sidelines…remember when he head-butted the sidewalls of the stadium during one game years back and almost knocked himself out?

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