Kurt Warner
Bob Waterfield
Norm Van Brocklin
Roman Gabriel

Bob Waterfield – (1945-52)
Guided Rams to two NFL Championships (1945 and 1951). Only rookie QB to lead team to NFL title (1945). Threw for two touchdowns against Washington to win 1945 Championship, 15-14. Three-time All-Pro selection. Voted to two consecutive Pro Bowls (1950-51). Received Joe F. Carr Trophy as NFL Most Valuable Player in 1945. Named NFL Played of the Year in 1950 by Washington D.C. Touchdown Club. Selected to NFL’s All-Decade Team for 1940’s. Led NFL in passing (1951).

Norm Van Brocklin – (1949-57)
Led Rams to 1951 World Championship with 73-yard touchdown pass in fourth quarter to beat Cleveland. Led NFL in passing twice (1950 and 1952). Set NFL record with 554 passing yards against New York Yankees in 1951. Named to six consecutive Pro Bowls with Rams (1950-55). NFL Player of the Year by Washington D.C. Touchdown Club in 1954. Selected to NFL 1950’s All-Decade Team. Also played for Philadelphia Eagles (1958-60). Led Eagles to 1960 NFL Championship and threw for three touchdowns in 1960 Pro Bowl. Finished with 23,611 yards passing.

Roman Gabriel – (1962-72)
He ranked as the Rams’ all-time passing leader with 22,223 yards and 154 touchdowns (1,705 com./3,313 att.) and threw for 7,221 yards and 45 touchdowns (661 com./1,185 att.) He still holds the Rams’ career records for touchdown passes (154), passing yards (22,223), passes attempted (3,313), and passes completed 1,705.

183 4498 2366 29444 6.55 201 149

All-Pro 1969; Pro Bowls; 1967, 1968, 1969, 1973
1968 Pro Bowl MVP
1969 NFL Most Valuable Player
1973 NFL Comeback Player of The Year
Led the league in TD’s in 1969 (24)

Kurt Warner – (1998-2003)
Come on…you all know the story here..

2 Time NFL MVP (1999, 2001)
Super Bowl MVP (1999)
Ranked 3rd NFL All Time Passer Rating (93.8)
Ranked 1st NFL All Time Completion Percentage (65.6)
3 Time Pro Bowler (1999, 2000, 01)

1645 2508 65.6 20591 8.2 125 83

Led the NFL in Completions in 2001
Led the NFL in Passing TD’s in 1999 and 2001
Led the NFL in Passing Yards in 2001

Its a difficult choice.

Without doubt, from 1999-2001, Warner had the best three year stretch of any QB in the Rams history. However, from the standpoint of longevity, his time was too short.


3 thoughts on “Greatest Rams QB of All-Time?

  1. Kurt Warner is the greatest rams qb of all time. I’ll never understand how his ram career got short circuited. He brought us our only super bowl win, 2 time nfl mvp, super bowl mvp, led us to another super bowl appearance. In 2002 he had an injury filled season then one bad game in 2003 and got castoff in 2004. Doesn’t make sense at all. I don’t think Carroll Rosenbloom who was known for casting off qb’s every year because they didn’t take the rams to the super bowl would castoff his SuperBowl winning qb.

  2. I know what you mean. Warner did so many great things for this franchise as well as the rest of the offense that year. For sure, he wasn’t a fluke. I’m not discrediting Marc Bulger at all, but I sit and wonder sometimes about ho wthe Rams would have been these last four seasons had Kurt Warner started every single game (that he could have.)

    The thing that concerned me in 2002 and 2003 was the injuries he was sustaining to his fingers (pinky especially, I believe?) Then later on it seemed that he had been plagued by concussions from Super Bowl XXXVI and from later games. I remember that last game he started (not the one vs. Detroit in ’03, but the first game of the season against the NY Giants.) He had six turnovers, but it was quite prevalent that he had some injuries. He had a concussion that game.

    Marc Bulger starts the next week vs. the 49ers, and the Rams tough out a win in OT. From then on, they battled it out. Not sure with the beef Martz ahd with Warner. It all got blown over.

  3. Yeah I also don’t get it.

    I honestly think as far as a franchise goes, Brocklin was, amazing, Brocklin shared time with Waterfield in that 1950 Rams season, the one that still holds the record for most points a game average, Brocklin carried the load.Plus Brocklin holds the record for most passing yards in a game ( Warner came close in 07 ),

    Yeah, just to see what Warner did this season with the Cards shows he never went away.

    He played through a concussion to try and keep his job in 03 that first game, guy never complained.

    But this 07 season, he was back to form, 27 TDs in 11 games…..NUFF SAID, guy could have very realistically passed for 40 again. Now his job is still in question? Gimme a break, Warner should come back even if it is for just one season to retire a Ram.

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