Many idiots around the web are posting on message board forums that Steven Jackson is the “new” Terrell Owens of the St. Louis Rams. I’m going to make this post condensed and concise only to explain differentiations. If you guys who are saying this TO mock stuff, and you didn’t even watch the game, quit talking NOW. Here’s some points of interests:

T.O. = psycho, compared to Jackson
S.J. = young man who wants to win and is frustrated by not having the opportunity to do so

Whatever problem S.J. had with the coaches really doesn’t matter. They’ll work it out, we can’t help fix it, no matter how hard we try. You CAN scream at your head coach. It may not be appropriate, but anyone who has played athletics at a high level who has had alot of responsiblity put on their shoulders has probably gotten angry with their coach at some point.

He needs to get the ball more, no doubt. He was far more involved in the passing game last year than this year. We need to find more ways to implement him. I think you’ll see some more delayed screens in the future to offset the pass rush.

All who is pickpocketing around on this subject, PLEASE LET IT DIE! IT REALLY IS IRRELEVANT …

I’ll be gone for tomorrow, and will also be gone on my birthday on Wednesday. I’ll be back with more thoughts on Thursday at the latest. Have a great week everyone.


8 thoughts on “Settling it to rest: Steven Jackson is not the Rams’ “Terrell Owens”

  1. steven jackson needs to keep his mouth shut. you dont yell at the head coach on the sidelines. that is far from pro-active.

    i dont think anyone needs to tell bulger who or when to throw to somebody. he did put up 386 yards and no interceptions in that game.

    steven jackson making promises of 2500 yards and screaming at a head coach. doesnt sound good to me. maybe he should concentrate on the running game that he can control and work on holding the ball.

  2. Steven Jackson is very competitive, but very young as well. He will learn to express himself behind closed doors as his career advances. Believe me, as a veteran of the T.O. circus when he was here in Philly he ain’t even close to Owens and never will be.

  3. everyoneisonsteroids, he didn’t even yell at Bulger. Bulger should have at least had 4 INTs in the game, but thanks to an awful 49ers secondary, that didn’t come into effect. You shouldn’t make opinions on games you didn’t watch. Yes, he put up great stats and was stellar at the most. The Rams COULD have won the game, but he fumbled, Holt fumbled, and Dante Hall fumbled. The Rams have five fumbles this year. Don’t put the blame on Steven Jackson from the Panthers game, that’s something that was a few faulty errors and of a few basic mistakes; that’s obvious.

    And that’s where this leads to. The offensive line is the number one reason Jackson’s stats are so porous. They were bad enough last year, and even worse this year. Everyone putting pressure on Jackson to be great on the field for their “fantasy league” and with all this pressure to be great by Rams fans like myself all culminate to him getting flustered. It’s natural. He’s young, he’s maturing, and young athletes as himself can’t handle it so easily.

    The 2500 yards is ridiculous, however. I think the number one priority is helping the team win, and that hasn’t been a factor yet this season.

  4. i didnt say he was yelling at bulger – he was yelling at linehan about bulger. did you not read the first line in my comment?

    he is not a rookie – this is his 4th year in the league. he was maturing when he was bitching about marshall faulk and not getting enough time then. i let that go as growing up.

    i am critical of him but its cause i expect plenty from him to help the rams win.

    fumbling and letting a blitzer come in unprotected at bulger are just things he shouldnt do.

    no – hes not t.o. but he needs to step up – which i am pretty sure he will – he is just too good to have a whole season of this.

    ps – happy birthday

  5. I totally agree. You can’t compare him with T.O. Jackson just wants to win, and he’s frustrated. It is a MUST to use him more in the offense. He has the ability to make catches and go for long gains. GIVE HIM THE BALL St. Louis.

  6. I read the first line of your comment (everyoneisonsteroids); you didn’t state anything whatsoever about Jackson YELLING at Linehan ABOUT Bulger. That’s really inconclusive there enough, and your comment was indirect as far as getting that altogether as there’s no way for someone to connect Jackson yelling at Linehan about Bulger in that first line when the QB isn’t even noted. But that’s all misinterpretation. I understand what you’re saying now, even though I haven’t heard about Jackson yelling ABOUT Bulger; more about the dismal offensive line

    He wasn’t running his mouth to the media when Faulk was starting. He was just excited to be on the field and prove himself. The fact that he’s only 24 (I believe?) Heck, he isn’t even running his mouth about the media at the moment, thankfully. Bulger, Holt, and Jackson all hurried off to the locker rooms after the Niners’ game to avoid the press. I’m just glad Steven hasn’t tried to make a fool of himself with the media yet.

    The fact people won’t give him a rest with fantasy leagues are aggravating me. Also the fact that fantasy “leaguing” (sure, it’s not a word, but let me just use something here) is in his game mindset is ignorant. His mindset may be full of trash on some parts as that; that’s what concerns me about Jackson. I love the fire and passion he plays with, but he will, I’m certain, learn the ability to cope with awful play from other teammates in the near future.

    Thanks for the birthday wish.

  7. i was reading thats he was complaining about bulger missing him on a couple plays when he was open. but whatever – he cleaned it up real nice the next day with a few good quotes. i was trying to find when he was mad about not enough playing time but its unimportant now.

    sometimes i write and expect everyone to know what i am talking about – so the confusion is understood.

    i think there is a bigger thing here – bigger than jackson and even bigger than t.o.

    fans dont want players yelling at coaches. we reserve that right for ourselves. we yell at coaches and players from the stands and even through our tv’s. so if i sit in my seat and scream at bulger that ‘how could he miss jackson in the flat?!!’ – or if i am yelling at martz to run faulk more – what the hell are you thinking?? – thats ok. however, if a player does a similar thing – i think thats wrong. — its a double standard but many fans have it.

    also if brett favre gets in the face of a receiver and grabs his face masks as he screams at him — he is such a great leader

    if t.o. does it – he’s all wrong and just trying to show everyone up.

    either way it doesnt matter. i think we have beat that enough. its a difference of opinions and its time to look towards beating the buccaneers.

  8. I still go back and think about T.O.’s book “T.O.” about where McNabb missed him on a play, T.O. went back and asked “D, man, what happened?” And McNabb simply replied, “Shut the F up, man!” And that’s apparently (T.O.’s version) what caused that ordeal.

    The Buccaneers game scares me. I’m not even going to predict that game.

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