The live blog is beginning pretty soon. The Rams are getting ready to flip a coin, transpire through a kickoff, and play another 60-minutes of craptastic football.Over and over again they have contradicted my thoughts that they would win time and time again. My confidence has been hindered for now. My new approach talking about them is by focusing on what needs to be done. Observing, perhaps.I’ll be beginning this at around 12:50 time to opine my pre-game thoughts and emit my pre-game rituals. Checklist (asterik (*) marks what I didn’t abide by last weekend): *Rams T-Shirt, Expletive-yelling mode, Channel-flipping-during-commercials ability, *Occasionally switch back to see what kind of atrocity is displayed on ESPN mode.

There we go. That’s fine for now. Anyhow, I’ll be back to edit this at around 12:50 and will be periodically editing it with my thoughts time-by-time. I’ve never attempted a live blog before, so this sounds like it will be a bit of fun. Enjoy. ***Keep the REFRESH button hot***

[12:53] Every FOX analyst picks the Niners to win. Under the radar mode is on.

First Quarter

[1:04] The Rams kick off and their special team unit looks nice, again, for the first kick of the game.

[1:07] The Rams defense is taking care of Gore thus far. But hey, they did the same for a little bit against the Panthers before they wore down. On 3rd and 18, Smith handed off to Gore and he almost rocked a first down. Sheesh.

[1:10] Look, Rams fans, Randy McMichael has been passed to! 3rd and 10, McMichael runs a stunt and Bulger stays protected finding him for the first.

[1:12] Bulger sacked three times in the first Rams drive. This offensive line has to do a better job of preparing. I don’t care if Pace, Terrell, and Incognito are out. Come on!

[1:13] The Niners muffed a punt and the Rams recover! What a break!

[1:17] Touchdown, Rams. Holt in double coverage, Bulger hits ’em right in the middle. What accuracy and precision! Holt’s our redzone guy.

[1:20] They just displayed “Rams: Patrick Willis’s start.” Niiice screw-up.

[1:25] Just seen Steve Smith’s catch. How many more times will you see that kinda stuff?

[1:30] One great punt by Donnie Jones. Flag — holding. Second great puntby Donnie Jones; but Darrius Vincent ran into Williams. Damn!

Second Quarter (7-0 Rams)

[1:42] 3rd and goal — Frank Gore runs in a TD. 7-7 after Darrell Jackson and Vernon Davis breakdances on the Rams D.

[1:45] The Pittsburgh Steelers’ uniforms today gives me another reason as to why I hate them.

[1:49] I would like to take this moment to anoint Torry Holt’s fundamentally-based abilities at wide receiver. The Rams have used him as an in-and-out receiver over the past few years by using him around the sidelines. He has some of the best, if not THE best, footwork in the NFL as a receiver.

[1:52] Bulger gets his clock whacked, but Randy “Play-McMaker” McMichael comes up with a huge grab for a first down. Bulger’s a tough dude, though!

[1:54] Marc Bulger almost pickedd off on 3rd down. Jeff “Money” Wilkins nails a field goal to put the Rams up 10-7.

[2:01] On 3rd and 4, a big play for the 49ers, the speedy Ron Bartell comes through the Niners line untouched and sacks Alex Smith.

[2:05] Adam Goldberg replaces the pacing Claude Terrell. On another note, the 49ers secondary looks awful against this Rams offense. And another note — McMichael drops a pass on first down. That’s three drops for the Rams core today.

[2:10] Why in the hell does this first half look like it’s going to be 13-7 like last week’s first half score?

[2:13] New Orleans looks like crap right now, down 14-0 to Tampa Bay. What a shockah’.

[2:15] Marc Bulger, again, throwing shaky passes in the red zone as he was almost picked off again. Jeff “Money” Wilkins hits another field goal. 13-7 Rams lead. Juuuuuuust like last game.

Just like last week’s game against the Carolina Panthers, the Rams look damn good thus far going into halftime (even though they didn’t look “damn good” last weekend) with a 13-7 lead. I’m worried that San Francisco’s really going to make something happen with Gore in the second. All in all, the Rams looked really good in the first half. ‘Gave up a few doofy plays in the first quarter by allowing SF’s receivers to get too far open and gave Gore some holes. However, padded down the next two series. Marc Bulger looks great as he’s getting manhandled by the 49ers and still making great passes. The Rams are spreading the Niners defense to the left, to the right, to the middle; everywhere! Let’s see what happens in the second half.

3rd Quarter (13-7 Rams)

[2:34] The Niners’ secondary still looks absolutely terrible, and I’m loving it. Marc Bulger’s showing a lot of moxy today.

[2:36] The pocket collapses on Bulger and he fumbles. Should have seen this coming. Carolina Panthers reminiscence is coming up!

[2:39] The defense is still showing up..for now. The offense better come back and make some plays so that easily-weary defense can get rested up again.

[2:41] One of the commentaters just compared Marc Bulger to Derek Jeter. That’s funny.

[2:44] Torry Holt has a big catch………BUUUUUUUT fumbles it into the endzone and it rolls out for a touchback. The Rams are trying their best to lose this game!

[2:49] The Rams defense is already starting to show quirkyness. Man oh man, I can’t believe this crap.

[2:53] The Niners escape a 2nd and 18 drive-killer and it’s 4th and 1 at the moment.

[2:54] The Rams, fucking, give up a huge run to Frank Gore on 4th down and he takes it in for a TD. 14-13.

[3:02] Hey Linehan, why don’tcha hand the ball off to STEVEN JACKSON!?!?

4th Quarter (14-13 49ers)

[3:07] The Rams offense continues to stutter. No scoring.

[3:10] Don’t be surprised of Frank Gore’s day. He’s carrying that 49ers offense as expected. He’s doing it all for his late mother who passed away a couple of days ago. You have to appreciate the passion he brings.

[3:16] Five sacks on Bulger. 400-million knockdowns. Damn it. Punt. The Rams can’t score in the second half. And continue, continue, continue, continue to be stuck on the number 13. Pre-season, they scored 13 two fucking times. In the regular season, ‘scored 13 in the opener. And now, stuck on 13 in the Niners game. The Rams should be leading this game by 14 right now if it wasn’t for ignorant turnovers, and letting a man-on-a-mission (Gore) bust through on 4th-and-1 for a 25+ yard TD.

[3:18] The Rams are gonna probably lose this game. They’re pitiful.

[3:20] The 49ers turned the ball over (thanks to my hate-comment above.) The Rams friggin’ suck, but man they’re near field goal range. Betcha they can’t even get a field goal.

[3:22] Jeff “Money” Wilkins hits another field goal. Finally out of the 13-BS scheme. But I guarantee ya the Rams will botch this game, still. Oh, man, they suck. 16-14 St. Louis Rams lead momentarily.

[3:27] The Rams just gave up a big bullshit play for a first down a second ago to Maurice Hicks. This is driving me insane. The Rams are so terribly bad!

[3:29] The Rams are bringing fire into their game. 3rd and long for SF. Don’t blow it, Rams!

[3:30] Holy fucking bullshit! Every fucking time the Rams get a fucking chance to fucking put the game away, something happens. Dante Hall fumbles a punt. As fucking usual. The Rams fuck up again. They’re going to, again, lose. I’m tired of this bullshit. I’m tired. I’m really, really, really fucking tired. Come on, you pitiful fucking franchise called the Rams, play some fucking consistent football in the GOOD category why don’tcha?!

[3:32] Four of the next five Rams games are on the road. Come on, guys.

[3:34] Frank Gore is stuffed once more, but the Niners hit a field goal to go up 17-16 with a little over 3 minutes and 20 seconds left in the game.

[3:39] The Rams go for it on 4th down and don’t convert with 2:40 left. DUMB decision by Linehan.

[3:40] Steven Jackson’s completely pissed off on the sidelines. And rightfully fucking so. He was hardly a part on the last series. Linehan’s an IDIOT.

[3:45] I would love to slam my head in a blender right now and just let out 3,000 expletives. But yet, I have to savor that for this impending drive that the Rams will ready themselves for to see this electric offense FAIL once again to watch this mediocre St. Louis Rams team go 0-2.

[3:47] The dumbass play-by-player commentater called Marc Bulger “Mike” Bulger and didn’t correct himself.

[3:55] Wilkins field goal, for the win…56 yards………….MISSED! Can’t believe this. I’ll provide my thoughts later. I’m too steamed right now.


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