It’s quite prevalent that my favorite player on the Rams and in the entire NFL is Steven Jackson. He’s been my favorite Rams player since prior to the 2005 season when it was noted that he would be starting for the Rams while Faulk’s time lining up at running back would be limited.

Not too many NFL fans knew about him. Well, they had probably heard of him, but not paid much attention to what kind of player he was. Mel Kiper Jr., the so called “draft expert” projected Steven Jackson to be a bust for the Rams, that he danced too much in the backfield and couldn’t explode into holes as quickly; not too mention that his size would be a disadvantage for him.

Wrong, Mel.

Steven Jackson blasted into the gates and has improved every year since he entered the pros in 2004. People seem to forget that the Rams line has been pretty bad for the past couple of years; Pace played decently last season while only having played six games — that’s all! Then-starting center Andy McCollum was lost in the first game of the season against the Broncos in 2006 (now he’s on the bench.) Alex Barron led the league in false starts. Ritchie Incognito got into some idiotic unsportsmanlike and unnecessary roughness occasions a few times and it was a detriment to the team. Still, Steven Jackson carried 5-6 defenders on his back at once to the endzone, the few extra tough yards, and was a receiving threat for when the pocket was collapsing on Bulger last season.

He contributed a column to

Let’s just get this out of the way, before we get into the fun stuff. Sixty-one yards isn’t going to help you win your fantasy games, but, more importantly, it’s not going to help the Rams win the real ones. Just remember that it’s a long season. We’re one-sixteenth into the regular season. You kind of just put it in the back of your mind, and learn from it.

We got the loss out of our system. We’re going to bounce back. I said I wanted to reach 2,500 total yards this year because if I can produce like that, I know we’ll win the Super Bowl, and one loss isn’t going to change my goals for myself or the team. I mean, I’m not going to sit here and totally discount your fantasy team; if you have me, and I get you those 2500 yards, we all win. I get my ring, you get bragging rights with your friends and co-workers, and it all works out well in the end. So don’t panic when you see the 61 up there. It’s only the first week.

And speaking of the first week, how many of you liked my new shoe commercial? If you haven’t seen it, the commercial features me running through a series of different defenses, conditions and stadiums, all of which change seamlessly as if I was just running downfield. I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on how it ended up looking. You know who directed that? Michael Mann, same guy who did “Heat” and “Last of the Mohicans.” I dare to say this was his finest piece of work. I mean, the guy has worked with Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Colin Farrell, Will Smith, Jamie Foxx, Tom Cruise … and Steve Jackson. What an honor.

A lot of people are asking if that was me, or some high-powered computer. Here’s the exclusive answer, for all you ESPN readers:

It was me.

We did it over two days out at the Rose Bowl this summer. I had to work until midnight. But it was worth it. The background and the snow and all the other fun stuff whizzing by: all computer. But that’s really me, running, jumping, and spinning around real players. And with the music playing and just the overall look and feel of it … well, it all just came together perfectly. (If you’re wondering about the music, by the way, it’s from the “Mohicans” soundtrack.)

So we have San Francisco this Sunday. We lost Orlando for the season, I know, but we’ve got some good guys on this line. Guys I trust, guys I’m putting my faith in to open up the holes and move us downfield. We’ve got a long season ahead of us, and it’s only going to get better, for the fantasy players, for the Rams, and for the NFL.

Before I sign off this week, I just want to ask all of you readers to keep Kevin Everett in your thoughts and prayers. It’s tough to read these reports and be totally in the dark as to what’s happening with him. I know as much as you all do. So please, keep him in your thoughts, and pray he gets well soon.

And with that, I will see you all next week.

Well, ‘love the enthusiasm, but in my mind fantasy league’ing should be the last thing on his mind right now. Forget about the Super Bowl at the moment; why not take every game game-by-game instead of thinking too far ahead. That’s way too perilous for now.

Steven Jackson and the St. Louis Rams offense will eventually be fine. However, the defense is going to suffer for quite a while if they continue to play like a bunch of yahoos.. which is how the Rams defense has played for 15+ years now.


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