It’s all over the internet, so there’s no need for me to link you to something that’s practically on every website known to man. The New England Patriots are allegedly cheaters. How can this be? Apparently there’s someone that has been stealing defensive signals for the Patriots for quite some time. The same guy got in trouble doing it for New England a couple of years ago against Denver. This same guy I just used in the last same-guy sentence, was intuitively at it again against the New York Jets in the Patriots victory against them on Sunday.

What does that call for? People to yell “tainted!” at all three Super Bowl victories. For me, I’m swaying away from that “tainted” moniker. I don’t want to say that the Rams lost to a bunch of cheaters. Obviously, they were out-smarted and out-coached. The same with the Panthers and Eagles in the end of Super Bowls 38 and 39 respectively. I don’t want to look at the Patriots as cheaters, but they’re about to be dubbed that, or obviously they already have been. As far as the way I see things, the Rams lost to the more well-prepared team. The smarter team. And I’d be damned to have to say the Rams lost to cheaters in 2002, because that’s plain wrong.

Where will this end? Will New England be fined, or will they be docked a draft pick? Either way, my view on the situation is that they’ll be ultimately fine, this franchise always finds a way to get out of holes. I can’t stand ’em, but you have to anoint this.


6 thoughts on “SpyPat 2.0

  1. People in Philadelphia are going nuts on sportstalk radio claiming they want their Super Bowl trophy which the Pats stole from them. The local television stations are leading into their eleven o’clock newscasts with teasers about how much trouble the NFL is in and whether or not the Eagles were cheated out of a Super Bowl victory. It is absolutely becoming a nightmare scenario for the NFL, as if they don’t have enough going on right now. Love the SpyPat 2.0 title.

  2. Mangini was part of the cheating so whining that he was hurt is laughable.

    As for the Eagles they suck and were a joke to even be in the superbowl and everyone knows that.

  3. FDA, you’re going too far with the “Eagles suck” gig. They weren’t up to the “Patriot standards” but they were poorly prepared, also I might add that their QB wasn’t ready to win a Super Bowl, while that ‘assholish’ #81 WR, Terrell Owens, was ready to game-on. Clock management was also awful. Funny thing is, they still had several chances to win as Vinatieri had another GW’er.

  4. Everyone knows that the NFC doesn’t compare to the AFC and that is a fact. McNabb wasn’t ready because he is over rated. He choked. He had the opportunity to win and balked at the pressure.
    My point again is if the Patriots were cheating in that Superbowl then why was it so close?

    I can understand the hate with what happened and the jealousy of other teams fans but some of the stuff I am reading is ridiculous.

    I was all ready to rip into the Pats until I read about the witch hunt. When the Lions are whining about games with how bad their team has been then you know people are over reacting.

    I have heard every expert on ESPN news today talk about how every team is doing this. It is just they have not been caught.

  5. The AFC is leaps and bounds better than the NFC, but that doesn’t mean the Eagles “sucked” then. Compared to New England? Yes. Compared to the rest of the league? Right up on par for the most part. Yes, there were other AFC teams at the time that could have ousted the Eagles, but that’s irrelevant to the matter. You’re saying the Eagles are on-target suckage, while you’re only comparing them to the AFC as being sucky.

    Another thing — why do you keep bringing up a blooming question to me about the Patriots cheating? I’ve stressed my point enough in the above article.

    You’ll have to live with hearing this crap for a while. Just like I have to hear people whine and moan because they believe the Spurs are “boring” with their championship caliber play. Or that Albert Pujols is an “asshole.” Or the new-age “Rick Ankiel’s story will forever be tainted.”

    I’m discussed about the debacle happening over on ClanRam. I thought they were more classy about that. I can’t stand any fan more than one who makes excuses after excuses, or the arrogant one who thinks he/she knows more than everyone else. It’s impossible to debtae with those two types of fans. On Clan Ram, fans are complaining awfully, while I say to them — let it rest, February 3, 2002 was five years ago; time for another Super Bowl journey over the next few years for the Rams even if it isn’t in sight right now.

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