That’s what newspapers all around Virginia are saying in their sports section, and have been for the past two days. Freshman, Tyrod Taylor, has finally convinced Frank Beamer to go out of his ways and will be starting this Saturday’s game vs. the [University of] Ohio Bobcats. In the game against LSU, Taylor was able to come in and get work done. Nobody, and I mean nobody, should be impressed by his work against LSU as that their defense wasn’t at it’s top game as it was already a blowout, and every play was give-me’s. It’s going to be interesting to see how he pans out for the rest of the year considering the chip he’s carrying on his shoulder that he has obtained from Beamer, with the added already-expected love from Hokies fans. All of that is finally coming to a climax.

The upcoming five games feature three home and two away. However, judging by now three of the last five games of the season will be a big test for the new Hokies QB (if he’s still at the helm by then), as Boston College and Miami will be stepping into Lane Stadium, and the Hokies will be dashing off to Bobby Dodd Stadium in Atlanta to get ready for the Yellow Jackets. What I think is sad, is that, the Hokies’ inability to win consistently with a pocket passer over the years continues to occur, and they’re forced to use a scrambler. That offense line is so bad that pure passers struggle, and the scramblers are forced to run around like a chicken with its head cut off to get something going.

On the contrary on the off-topic side of this post, many people are being inflicted by the Pace-is-out-the-Rams-will-easily-suck ramification. Many fail to realize that Big O only played six games last season due to similar injuroes to his right arm, forcing back-ups to generate something on the line and somehow devise a plan to protect Bulger. However, the Rams line proved to be the worst season. Future Pro Bowler Alex Barron led the league in false starts (14), their were discrepcancies all around with unsportsmanlike calls and unnecessary roughness. Bulger led the league in sacks with 49. This year, they should be more prepared by Week 4 or 5, at the latest. However, in the 2008 NFL Draft, expect the Rams to pick up a tackle.


One thought on “Turning to Tyrod

  1. I guess the switch at QB in Hokie Country was bound to happen. You are certainly correct the need to scramble on a regular basis seems to be part of the weekly gameplan for VaTech’s offense over the last few years. Not sure why Beamer can’t marry the concept of pocket passer and pocket containment from the line. As for the Pace injury, I know some fantasy ballers are already scrambling to trade Steven Jackson at this hour…yeah, it’s not like the Rams haven’t played without the big guy. I for one don’t think the season is doomed at all…however, the fact they have to retool things already is obviously unsettling and disappointing to everyone on that team. I am betting they still believe in themselves and push past this injury.

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