I’ll post the rest of my thoughts in a more in-depth look, later on this evening/tonight or tomorrow sometime.


1.) Play calling was bad. What is it with the receiver screens on 3rd and 6?!
2.) This team was not coached ready to play.
3.) Bulger has something going on. He was completely off in 95% of his passes.
4.) Our o-line should have been a strength, but now has become a liability in less than a week.
5.) Steven Jackson should shut his mouth and play football, or at least hang on to it.
6.) Haslett had NO success in New Orleans. What makes all of us Rams fans think he can do anything in St. Louis?
7.) Did I talk about play calling?
8.) The run defense is no better. In fact, the Rams might have bigger issues than that.

Wow. I am embarrassed. That was pitiful. Welcome back to the 1990s. I see nothing positive from this game. Well…maybe special teams.


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