Really, don’tcha just love WVU fans? Not only WVU fans, but obnoxious WVU fans. Add that in as a little of a, what you’d call, prefix. Yesterday, I was talking to a WVU fan, and he asked me simply, “Mr. Sparks, 9:15 (eastern) tomorrow night — who’s gonna win? LSU or Virginia Tech. If I did, I’d place my money on Virginia Tech!” I replied back by saying, “I’d love to say the Hokies, but Sean Glennon’s a real detriment to the team and my bet is that he’s going to get rolled over by LSU’s Glenn Dorsey.”

“Why, because of Tech’s offensive line?” he asked. I nodded and said “That and Sean Glennon.” He looked at me with a smirk and asked, “why Glennon?!” I answered by saying that he’s no good. That’s where the ignorance started overflowing from this insane West Virginia Mountaineers fan. “I’ll tell you what! After this season when Pat White’s gone, I’d love to have Sean Glennon line up in Mountaineer blue and gold and lead this team! We have an offensive line! It’s the offensive line’s fault! I’ve coached football for nine years so I know what I’m talking about! Nine years!”

The discussions wasn’t able to be continued as I had to part. However, I just thought I’d post my thoughts here, because it’s so funny. You’d think that a guy that coached football for nine years would understand that you can’t make these kinds of judgments in one game (especially VT’s emotionally-involved opener.) Offensive line play isn’t always consistent. It’s the rapport between five fat guys that need to block to allow the quarterback time to pass, or to manage to open up a hole for the running back to blast through. That’s not always consistent. VT’s never had an amazingly great offensive line, but blaming it all on the line for Glennon’s faults is wrong.

I don’t know how many Hokies games he watched last season, but I caught nearly every game and understand the whole dealio about Glennon. The line was better (as we compare early) last season, yet Glennon was still terrible. He got a decent amount of time in most games and didn’t take advantage. He throws into hard-pressed coverage too often and seems to not realize the distinction from one team from his team. The man that made the assumption that he thought Glennon was a good quarterback is nuts. Clearly.

I’ve watched well over a hundred football games in my life, and that means a bit of something. I’m only adding this for a ha-ha to his pointless rant containing “I’ve coached nine years of football.” It wasn’t anything prevalent to the discussion. Maybe he thought that it would merit his reasoning of the offensive line if he added that he had coached nine years of football while I have never coached any myself even though I don’t even plan to. I’m an aspiring sportswriter; I’ve watched plenty of sports. The Hokies aren’t his team. The West Virginia Mountaineers are. I believe I know my team better than he knows them, while he knows his team better than I know them. It’s a fact of the matter of self-knowledge here. His assessment was weakly debated and ranted, and I can’t help but to be insulted by it.


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