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The NFL season is only a good estimate of 41 hours (or so) away. Last night, the Colts and the Saints kicked off the NFL season is a staggering way. Peyton Manning tossed up 3 touchdowns on former Colts CB Jason David (1 to Marvin Harrison; the other to the voluptuous Reggie Wayne.) Joseph Addai also had a “decent” night with 125 yards. However, guys, I’m still sticking to my prediction that he doesn’t amass 1100+ yards. I’m trying to hold myself to that prediction but if he does that next week, I’m going to be sweating bullets.

Anyway, let’s get back on discussion to talk about the Colts/Saints game. 41-10, can you believe that? My 28-21 prediction has been defaced in every way. Really, the score last night should have been 48-3 (if you look away from the fumble return.) The Saints offense was awful, the Saints defense was awful. The Colts offense, as I predicted, was electrifying (just more than I predicted), and their defense smoked the Saints. If you can argue against me saying that Bob Sanders IS NOT the Colts defensive leader (aside from Dwight Freeney) that puts an emphesis and changes the whole way the game is played in that perspective, sit down and lay off the bong pipe. Also, let me add a curtousy mentioning about Tony Dungy. He’s not only an amazing person and humanitarian, but also an excellent defensive coach. Last year, the Colts did struggle, but after almost everyone in the world (practically) picking the Saints to “RUN” all over the Colts rendered and rearranged defense (that lost a bundle of starters), they’re now anointing Dungy. And rightfully so.

Here’s my predictions for Sunday. Enjoy.

Cowboys over Giants
Why must I join the hyperbole and add to the trash talking that is sizzling over Eli Manning’s head? Because he sucks. He’s no Peyton. And I must add that his head coach is none other than Tom Coughlin, who has been in the news a lot, and he also has a teammate who comtemplated retirement last month (Michael Strahan.) The Giants are unmotivated at the moment and the Cowboys will ride them like a horse. Terrell Owens – 2 receiving TDs.

Rams over Panthers
I had to think long and hard about this one. The Rams are my favorite NFL team of all else, and I’ve been talking a lot of smack about them recently. I have even spoken a few words about how they would struggle in this game. Heck, I could easily turn my prediction around to Carolina winning as they have won the last three matchups against my St. Louis Rams (starting in January 2004 in the double overtime loss.) Not only that, but they have completely shut down the Rams offense, in the most recent game holding us to 0 points. Our offense has been reformatted. Same QB, same RB, same Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce. ‘Added Drew Bennett, Randy McMichael, Brian Leonard, and Dante Hall. A healthy line will be key. If the Panthers can hold this Rams offense, with so many weapons, I’ll write a post commemorating them. If not, then well, my prediction is right and hopefully the upcoming one will be too. Tye Hill holds Steve Smith to 5 receptions or less.

Falcons over Vikings
Blast me for this one. I don’t care. I think Joey Harrington will play better than what people are thinking he will do, and what people are expecting of him to do. He’s a decent QB; he’s soft, can pass (even if it is where the receiver is in position to get whacked by the defense.) But I love how the Falcons are circling around him and holding him up to count on him for this season. The pressure is high, but more focus isn’t even on the Falcons this year — it’s on the impending suspension of Michael Vick. The Vikings Tavares Jackson is still learning, and I expect the Falcons to take advantage of the young Vikings offense and teach them a few pointers about being in the NFL.

Redskins over Dolphins
Now, lookie here; Trent Green is wearing teal green, and the Dolphins are facing one of their rivals of old, the Washington Redskins. Green and the Redskins don’t go together, but hey, I wanted to point out an offseason acquisition the Dolphins made that I’m truly not a big fan of. The Redskins, on paper, are a better team than the Dolphins. On the field, better team than Miami. However, don’tcha just love that Miami defense? Jason Taylor, Zach Thomas, the tumultuous Joey Porter. If the Dolphins do win, it’ll be accredited to one of those three, or all of them. Good luck to the Washington Redskins offense.

Steelers over Browns
Charlie Frye will be at the helm of the Browns getting ready to face a new-look Steelers team. And by new look, I’m talking new coaching staff. I’m positive that Mike Tomlin will have his boys ready to roll on Sunday, and the Browns shouldn’t even be on the same field. The soon-to-be-by-the-end-of-the-season last place Browns will be on their heels the whole game. Fans will want Quinn in, but it’s not going to happen yet. Steelers beat the Browns by at least 14.

Texans over Chiefs
You play to win the game. You play.. to win.. the game! Of course, the Chiefs will be playing but to win the game? I feel for Larry and the Johnson crew. I feel that Texans’ QB Shaub is overrated, but this is a shocker pick (or well, many are picking this same result with me, however) that will go down the Chiefs throat. I expect Kansas City to follow up this game with an awful season. My expectations are gritty.

Jaguars over Titans
Sure, Vince Young and his fifty-one (51) percent (%) passer rating is super and all, In-Vince-Able. But when the Titans think they can send Young out to run all over a decently healthy Jaguars D, think again. Also, let’s re-arrange this conversation to the new official Jaguars offense and their new official starting QB David Garrard. Don’t believe in Garrard? He doesn’t believe in you. I expect this guy to pave the way of this game and have a decent two touchdown affair.

Broncos over Bills
If anyone thinks the Bills can pull this out, send a comment explaining why. Everything is on the upside for the Denver Broncos. Jay Cutler is an up-and-coming guy who will be a pretty good QB in the coming. Their defense will be rocking Buffalo’s offense (Lee Evans will have a time trying to catch receptions while staring at that one cornerback wearing number twenty-four (24) lining up in front of him.) Broncos dominate their way to a 1-0 start.

Jets over Patriots
The Troy Sparks homer pick of the week. Seriously, though, the Jets, when healthy, are one hell of a team. This is week 1 and they’re refreshed. People are nutriding the Patriots so hard that their faces are turning Jets-green. The defensive battle will come into effect and Randy Moss will be flustered. Fans will write obnoxious blog posts about how the Patriots shouldn’t have acquired Randy Moss, hilarity ensues as in Week 2 they contradict themselves and make Randy-love posts. You gotta love Boston’s sports fans.

Eagles over Packers
The Pack is on the rise. They have a bit more to go. This game will show. Brett Favre’s on his way out, Aaron Rodgers is supposedly on his way in. Where does this lead? I’m not sure. But the game will show us at what stage Donovan McNabb is in right now playing-wise. Is he the efficient McNabb, or the sleezy careless Super Bowl 39-Donovan McNabb? We’ll find out on Sunday. Hold me to this one — Eagles win.

Chargers over Bears
Good Rex, bad Rex. Rex or no Rex. According to Rex. Yes, Rex. Everybody Loves Rex. The Rex of Queens, The Rules of Rexment, The Rex Theory. I’m just spouting out sitcom-show names for this one. Rex Grossman will be the posterboy of this game; Lights Out, Shawne Merriman, will probably put out Rex’s lights relegating Lovie Smith to put in Brian Griese or Kyle Orton. Griese or Orton plays decent, however Lovie starts Rex in Week 2 anyway.

Lions over Raiders
Two of the pit-teams in the NFL. I’m going with this one because of the Lions Mike Martz-ran offense. Check out this blog post. Jon Kitna to Roy Williams! Jon Kitna to Calvin Johnson! Ah, the speed kills offense. I sorta miss those days when the Rams owned everyone’s defense. When the present Rams offense does anything similiar (or if they do), that will fade. However, the Lions offense won’t do as good as I think they will. The Raiders defense is actually pretty decent, and again for the second consecutive season, they’re starting fresh.

Seahawks over Buccaneers
Jeff Garcia is making his first official start as Tampa Bay’s boy at QB. The team that everyone is underrating, the Seahawks, will easily beat the Buccaneers and force them to limp along to week 2. A healthy Matt Hasselbeck and Shaun Alexander, hmm, hmm; you know what that means, right? A bloody and brutal beatdown. If the receivers for Seattle don’t miss the help of Darrell Jackson anymore, and IF they can hold onto the football reeling passes in by the persistent Matt Hasselbeck.

Ravens over Bengals
If I had to list you my more-favored teams of the AFC, well I’d be a homer and tell you that I’m a Bengals homer. I’m a fan of their offense. I’m a Carson Palmer fan. I’m a Chad Johnson fan. I’m, at times, a bandwagoning T.J. Houshmandzadeh fan. Rudi Johnson’s OK. Chris Henry’s a convict. Other than that, I’m a fan of the Bengals offense. A fan of the same Bengals offense (minus Chris Henry) that will be hindered via the Ravens defense. Come on, guys, the Ravens D is serious and it’s time for them to shut up the Bengals for the first week of the season and for their first of two meetings. There’s no way Baltimore loses this one on Monday night.

49ers over Cardinals
I hate these two teams with a passion. This is the third consecutive year people are blowing on the Cardinals’ whistles, and the second consecutive year that people are blowing on the Niners’. I’m sick of it. I’m downright sick. I’m hoping on Monday night that these two teams bang around each other so hard that the Niners won’t know what world they’re in by next Sunday when they meet up with the St. Louis Rams.


One thought on “The NFL season is ready to roll!

  1. All this time I thought I was the only one picking the Falcons. Get off my bandwagon.

    I have no idea what the Vikings are thinking with their quarterback. Maybe it would make sense if he looked great in the 4 games he played in last year, but he didn’t look good at all.

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