Are you ready for some football?! 

Yeah, it’s College Football. That’s what this post will be about even if the title of it is more relative to NFL’s Monday Night moniker (BTW, tomorrow night; have fun!) Anyway, I want to get down and dirty and tackle some discussions for the second week of college football.

Intriguing games all around. For me, I can’t wait for Penn State to stomp all over Notre Dame. Last week, I watched ND get their butts handed to them by Georgia Tech, much like several of you, I was thrilled and excited to laugh about the Irish getting pounded. The offense was non-existent and the defense was putrid. Much like what you’ll be seeing out of them against Penn State, except worse!

However, the game I can’t wait to watch overall is when #9 Virginia Tech steps onto the field in Louisiana to play #2 LSU. I admit it — I’m a no-good Hokie homer. Every time I write something about VT, it’s always something that will have non-Hokies fans gritting their team as they read on. However, this time it will be something fresh — I’m going to bash them and their game. Read on non-Hokies fans!

– Have you ever seen a college QB on a major college team be worse than Sean Glennon? Think about this right here — in the NFL, you have Rex Grossman (I’m not going to be talking about his college days; just his recent NFL playing days) starting at QB for the Chicago Bears. Bears fans hate ’em, few like ’em, many make fun of ’em. The Bears’ defense is relevant in respect to the Hokies. A solid defensive line, an exponentially impressive linebacking core (you have your two players of Vince Hall and Xavier Adibi that we can dub Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs), and quite a nice secondary.

Sean Glennon, right now, is the equivalent of Rex Grossman. That alone could easily hand the game over to LSU already. Hell, I don’t want to kid myself. Even if Glennon plays decent (or actually tries to i.e pays attention to what he’s doing), that speedy LSU defense will eat him up like they did against Mississippi State. Except only worse, because this Hokies O-Line is…brr! Bad!

Quick, simple, and smart keys for the LSU Tigers that you will see as the Hokies falter on Saturday night:
– Pop-a-Glennon. That’s the game of choice.
– 3-and-outs for the Hokies will work the defense back onto the field which would have them become fatigued, which will lead to..
– Matt Flynn having more time adjusting and reading the Hokies D sets.


4 thoughts on “Is Virginia Tech really ready for LSU?

  1. Also can’t wait to see Charlie Weis’ Irish get stomped in Happy Valley. Even though some might be tempted to think Notre Dame will show up angry about getting killed at home by Tech and make a better show of things, I just didn’t see enough talent and organization in their opener to make me think things are gonna get better for them, even if the Nittany Lions take the field thinking they already have a “W.” Cannot see Notre Dame staying close regardless of their effort, unless Paterno shows a lot of conservative mercy. I agree with your assessment of “Rex” at the helm of Va Tech and this should be an overall “men” versus “boys” situation in the Bayou. LSU is really loaded and appears to be really looking forward to flexing their muscles on national TV in their nighttime house of horrors. Tough place to play when the lights come on.

  2. If I was Sean Glennon, I would have a huge feel of fright on my hands about right now despite any confidence or skill I could gain as S.G. Glenn Dorsey is a monster!

  3. I like your blog style, very cool stuff. I’m a VT alum and man were we not ready at all for LSU. They were definitely the better team by far and I’m just sad we took such a beating and didn’t make a better game of it. Hopefully the QB switchup will help us.

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