No, I’m not talking about the body spray.

How stupid can some school boards get? This is the leading problem in America as to why so many kids are obese and all else overweight these days. Forget the video games, the soda, and the sweets; put those goodies on hold. The reduced amount of gym class that has been deteriorating in schools over the course of the last 10 years has made a world’s difference in a child’s body.

They put a gaping hold on dodge ball — that’s understandable due to the excessive injuries that were going on, as well as the fragile kids (more like the ones that are afraid to be hit with a ball) that were complaining. But tag? Tag?! You run, you get caught, and then you apprehend the tagger-er.

Now, these kids thinking they’ll be scarred for life for “being chased.” Alright, you’re being chased. Stop running. I grew up playing tag at my Elementary School when I was a kid, and I turned out half decent!

The United States of America. Minds of many, but few are used.


3 thoughts on “Tag, you’re it! No, you’re banned!

  1. WOW. Stuff like this makes me so mad. They complain that kids are fat, but they ban tag! How bad can tag be?! These fragile kids complain to their parents (who usually have money) and then the parents complain, and the school takes action right away. These are the same parents that also want everyone to get a trophy in high school or get in arguements with the coach because little jonny didn’t make varsity. Life is all about competing, whether it be sports or getting a job. If the child doesn’t learn how to compete in school, when will they ever learn? Thier parents are not going to always be there to fight their battles. Sorry I had to vent a little bit.

  2. No doubt. This opens up a gaping hope for more people to complain about video games and fat foods rather than the excessive amount of non-existent exercising.

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