It’s invigorating to learn and hear about the risks that fans all over the world take just to be included in an event, to buy merchandise earlier than other fans and to frankly cause a scene. It’s not just sports fans, every kind of fan. I read somewhere last month that a young girl killed herself because she had just read spoilers from the new Harry Potter book.

No matter where you go there’s always someone trying to get ahead of everyone and make way for themselves. Whether you’re at the grocery store trying to pick up food and there’s a person trying to get ahead of you and all other customers. What about the impending release of the extolled video game Halo 3? I can’t imagine how many people are slobbering on themselves over the possibility of buying the game before anyone else in the world.

All of that can be equated to how fans act. Remember Bartman (a Cubs fan; of course, you have to remember Bartman if you’re a baseball fan)? The fan ‘play’ he made in Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS (Chicago/Florida) drew enmity towards him then, and there’s still blood pumping furiously from Cubs fans hearts. I ensure to all of you that the true pain of what could have been won’t be going away until the Cubs win their next World Series.

What is the key reason that makes sports so successful in marketing? The reason that Halo, Harry Potter, Grand Theft Auto (the video game), etc. become successful? The fans, and the risks and leaps they take to become virtually apart of those things are invaluable to those products and organizations.


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