Finally, no more. No more noise from Reggie Miller considering his possible timely comeback to basketball to wear Celtic green. The implications have now been effaced. Truly, for his time back in the 1990s, you can’t say much more about him other than excerpts of the great emotion he brought to the game and his dead-on three pointers that he connected with every time he laced on a pair of sneakers.

Every time he dribbled the ball in a situation where fans would know he would take the shot, it was like he would hardly miss. The crossover that didn’t shake defenders but only soothed the other hand of controlling the ball. The push off that gave him space and the creation of being able to drill a basket. The peculiar, awkward shooting motion approach that he took. It couldn’t be, and will never be, replicated by any other player. Not in our (the fans’) generation anyway. Persistent, Reggie. Persistent.

Just as Charles Barkley said about Scottie Pippen as he faced a decision on whether to return to the NBA or not, don’t come back; you retired for many reasons, but had one sole reason that stuck out over others — you’re old and you don’t play as well as you once did. He also added that you don’t get better by sitting on the couch or being inactive by in part participating in a live action basketball game. Barkley said it all about Pippen, and the significance falls right on Reggie.


3 thoughts on “Reggie’s Finally Giving up on the Comeback

  1. the funny thing is that the round mound of rebound was telling reggie to go ahead and go back to the league. its things like this that always make me like the nba less. ill take ncaa any day. the thing is they could have won with him cause all you need are a few good stars and then just a couple of other guys on the floor.

    he prolly wouldnt have liked being one of the other guys.

  2. I would have liked to have seen Cheryl Miller make a comeback with the Celtics. She would have been more of a physical presence than Reggie.

  3. Reggie is old and 15 minutes a game is what he would have played. I used to be a Reggie fan until 2005 when he acted like a jerk but I am glad he didn’t ruin his legacy either. He should be remembered for being a Pacer not a wanna be championship team jumper.

    I choose to remember the Reggie that did nothing in the finals and missed a game winning 3 during the 2005 playoffs.

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