*This will be an extremely short post. My apologies go out to all that have been expecting a blog post for quite a while over the past week and rightfully so because of the raid I pulled over this blog last month. However, my time has been confined and minimized lately, and will only continue to be limited. Keep in mind, I am NOT or will EVER be ending this blog. It will continue as long as I have the ability to type on a keyboard with all eight of my fingers and my two thumbs.

Don’t be surprised that the 2000 High School McDonalds All-American is all of a sudden doing well. He started his career as a pitcher all the way up until 2005. In 2000, he did post a good rookie season at the age of 20 going 11-7. However, in 2006 he had troubles keeping the stability in his pitches and accumulated a 20.77 ERA. He didn’t make another appearance until 2004; he then made random appearances from then until 2005-2006.

Now in 2007, he has completed a transition to become a right fielder, hitting 32 dingers in the Minor Leagues. He hopped back into the Majors on August 9th, and hasn’t looked back. Five (5) homeruns is no joke. If you have never heard of him before, you better continue to listen. He has had talent for seven years. He’s battled from changing positions, injuries, gaining control over what he wanted to do, and continued to play the game he loved.

Oh, and he’s actually older than Albert Pujols. Betcha’ didn’t know that either.


2 thoughts on “Rick Ankiel: Don’t be Surprised

  1. Ankiel is a great, great story and his tale will only be magnified further should he lead the Cardinals into the post-season…and no, I did not know he was older than Alberto! Keep the posts comin’ when time allows!

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