Back from vacation, and back with a short note on the Rams first preseason game against the Vikings. I was actually able to catch the game, so I have a few thoughts (more like 2 big ones I will talk about.)

First point I want to make is about Orlando Pace, a Pro Bowl left tackle. He’s never ready for the preseason. Let me rephrase – he doesn’t care about the preseason. And that’s the way he treated the game against the Vikings. I don’t know who the Vikings right defensive end is nor do I care, but what I do know is that he’s a lesser player than Orlando Pace. And as of that, he went right around Pace.

Cause for concern? Not at all. Why not? Because again, Pace doesn’t give two wits about preseason play just as we have all had the time to absorb year in and year out. Yet people are making too much of reason for it. It’s football, it’s a game. This is the preseason and you don’t need to put in your best and risk injury — that’s the last thing that us Rams fans want to see happening to our team.

A lot of horse crud I’ve read is that Pace has lost his fire and passion to play football. Well gee, guys, if I had been in the league for 9 seasons going into my 10th knowing how damn good I am, I wouldn’t be going out there and showing off my ass in the preseason. I would be getting ready for the regular season and buffing up for preliminary necessities as the Carolina Panthers were set to come into town.

…As for Ron Bartell; he’s not a Pro Bowler; he’s just an average player on the Rams. And he shown it in the game against the Vikings. But wait, wait, now you the reader, you’re probably thinking “Troy, you moron, you just said preseason games are shneeseason games.” Who cares what I said. When you have no credibility, much like Bartell, and you know you have to prove how good you are, then give me one good reason for his poor play. Really, there’s no excuse. He’s Ron Bartell, and he has a big chocolate cookie sitting on his shoulder waiting to be ripped off and eaten.

– Jonathan Wade, on the other hand, did one hell of a job. I’m impressed
– If you’re a Rams fan and surprised of how well Carriker played, get the hell out of here.


One thought on “Slow Down the Pace

  1. I was stunned to see Pace actually in uniform and on the field. I totally agree that once you’ve been through your share of de-humanizing training camps, you either aren’t gonna show at all or show and dog it. Pace has always been a guy either deciding what to do…renegotiating…nursing a phantom injury, etc. However, all that matters is what happens when “pre-” comes off the word season and they do it for real.

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