Recently, I’ve been trashed by e-mails from my friends over the Bulger money raid ($62.5M with a $3M bonus!) Most are really funny and not serious. However, I took a visit to today to check out the comments left by people on the ESPN Conversation that is apart of articles because I wanted to see some opinions. Reluctantly, I began to back out of the page having a feeling that my mind would shrink after reading people’s opinions that I don’t much revere into any respect.

Unfortunately, I still checked out the comments left about Bulger and seen some reasonable bashing, but then again I seen some very dubious bashing. I don’t have the page open right now, but I have remembered quite a few that really stuck out, so I’ll post them with my thoughts on what they wrote (also ‘editing’ what they said with better grammar, though. The way some of them wrote was like myself trying to read Japanese.)

Bulger reached his peek 5 years ago and hasn’t improved since.

Hi there, guy. Thanks for such an insightful comment followed by such elaboration over how Bulger reached his prime five (5) seasons ago. Never in my life have I realized that playing 7 games could merit 16 games, nor did I know that a career season (stat wise in 2006) was better than a back-up role (2002.) Gee, thanks.

Brady – 3 rings. Bulger – 0 rings.

What does this have to do with anything? The last time I checked, Super Bowl rings were earned by not just you, but in larger part by a team collaboration and effort. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are on their own levels and Bulger can’t compare, but what is this to any relevance? Oh, and by the way, guys, here’s some food for thought: Marc Bulger has the 5th highest passer rating in NFL History. Even though he may not be standing in that position by the time he retires, it’s fun to point out like a homeristic Rams fan that I am.

Bulger is overrated. He can’t even lead his team to the playoffs.

Well I wonder why he can’t lead his team to the friggin’ playoffs! Are you that ignorant? Again, it’s a team effort like I told the last guy. An offense can only get you so far. The problem wasn’t even the offense! Hell, the offense was fine. If you guys would pay attention to the Rams a little more and get your heads out of the highly popular teams’ asses, you would realize this. Did you know John Madden could have possibly ran 80 yards on the Rams defense last year. What does that tell you? It’s the terrible defense that is played on the field by the Rams, not the belied “terrible” play that is blindly displayed by Marc Bulger. Again, I can’t see it.

Bulger is an average Quarterback.

And the New England Patriots are an average team. Nice try.

Rams still suck.

Yes they do, but how is this relevant?

The Seahawks don’t have to worry about the Rams for another six years because of this

Really, maybe you can say “the next 2-3 years” after 3-4 years from now depending on who’s lining up for us, who’s playing receiver, and if Steven Jackson is still beasting it up on his own.

Brady: 4 more interceptions than Bulger. 5 points less on the QB rating, and almost 1000 less yards. I know Brady was getting to know his receivers but if he was truly elite. I would say Bulger too.

Thanks for beefing up Bulger. But don’t create your own hyperbole. Bulger isn’t at Brady’s level in terms of a football player. As a passer, you could point Bulger out to be elite. As a leader and all-out guy to lift his team, give that to Steven Jackson, my friend. Please don’t compare Bulger to Brady; my gut swirls in circles every time.

Richie Incognito sucks (KEEP IN MIND: This guy is an Arizona Cardinals fan.)

Just because he sucked during those two games against the Cardinals that you watched of the Rams play doesn’t truly represent the way he played the rest of the past season. He came on strong in the end and didn’t elicit in stupid, senseless, penalties in every chance he had. He kept his composure and didn’t instigate unsportsmanlike conduct penalties against the opposition. He’s young, he’s learning, and he’s maturing.

Feel free to leave a comment on ignorant sports fans that you have encountered over the years or just ubiquitously. I’d love to hear some stories.


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