Let me tell you guys about Mr. Marc Bulger. He’s the St. Louis Rams starting QB standing at 6’3″, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He inked a 6 year $62M deal today worth around roughly $10M a year.  He has appeared in two Pro Bowls, and has won a Pro Bowl MVP (even if it’s worthless to point out.) He’s a legit top 5 Quarterback in the NFL, regardless of your thoughts.

The last few years in the league, he was dubbed a system QB. Mostly because of the Mike Martz offense. What kind of excuse can the Bulger bashers use now? He entered a new system (Linehan’s new system) last season and had a huge season in stride behind a terrible young, and otherwise banged up, offensive line (he was sacked 64.) Yet Bulger still thrived for a career high 24 touchdowns and only 8 interceptions (the first INT didn’t even come until the game against the Seahawks in Week 6.)

Is he overpaid? No, I wouldn’t say he is. This is well deserved money. He’s a workhorse and exerts himself every time he steps onto the field to improve as much as possible. He doesn’t enjoy a win until the clock ticks down to 0:00. He doesn’t jump and jive around the whole game because he threw a touchdown. He throws the touchdown, then he jogs casually over to the sidelines as the special teams unit comes out onto the field for the PAT. When he throws an interception, he unloosens his chinstrap coerce fashion and effaces the last play for the rest of the game until the next practice so he can reminisce and improve his game.

Is he injury prone? He use to be, and you could probably still argue a point that he is, but he was sacked 64 times last season and got hit pretty hard behind the 2006-2007 St. Louis Rams offensive line. With the Rams added weapons for the 2007-2008 season, his stats sure will seem to be elevated with an abundant amount of receiving options (Holt, Bruce, Bennett, Randy McMichael, Joe Klopfenstein, Steven Jackson, Brian Leonard, and (at rare times) Dante Hall.

And with the offensive line looking healthy so far and ready to run, who is to say Bulger won’t have a better season this year? Most people I’ve talked to that have refused to anoint Bulger’s new contract haven’t watched more than 3 Rams game in a season. There’s a reason he got the contract he received — he played extremely well, and paint this image in your mind: you can’t just grab a franchise QB out of the cookie jar. At this moment, the St. Louis Rams might be a joke, but Bulger is not even slight a bit of a joke.


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