I’ve been thinking over the past few days on my own personal hiatus from sports coverage and reading an immense amount of articles concerning current issues, and so it dawned on me: this hiatus from sports has been a good thing. Not having to sit back and get angry at athletes, coaches, refs, personnel, enthusiasts, or other writers has been pretty fun. But I’m ready to take a jab back in, but this time only to provide my reasonings that has been quite intriguing over this past week.

1.) Michael Vick — You could probably make a case that I’ve already written enough about this man or “thing,” but compare what I’ve wrote to the millions that have said enough about him, the ratio will be blatantly resting on their side in favor. I’m tired of hearing about this, really. Some of you may enjoy the pain and suffering he’s went through due to the pain and suffering that he’s allocated helpless dogs to go through, but I want my sports coverage; not Dog Fighting Criminals 101. Leave that to Court TV.

2.) The Tim Donaghy scandal — as HUGE, and I mean HUGE, of an NBA fan I am, I still haven’t even read much about this (hence why I’m writing this post) since it broke its barrier into the newsway, but has he been found guilty yet, technically? He’s already been getting a whole lot of heat judging from the people I’ve talked to about it and it’s definitely not going to be dying down anytime soon. If he did in fact bet on games (especially the ones he officiated in), I’m completely sickened and disgusted of having to have watched the games he has called “right down the middle.” Yeah, Tim, you split those games down the middle? Nah, but you did split your life down the middle.

3.) Nothing is going on! — I could argue with you all day, but I’m not; I’ll just let my opinion rest. It’s July. Nothing is on television, really. We have baseball, but’s mid-season baseball after the All-Star break, and my Cardinals have been embedded, being shanked
by the Braves 10-1 on Thursday night and 12-6 tonight. With that, I’m disinterested and the the limb I’m hanging on is the disdain of the New York Yankees limb where throughout the rest of the season as I watch my Cards lose, I also will be able to cheer for the Yankees to lose, which will give me a little picker-upper. That’s all. That’s what July has to offer as of right now besides the ubiquitous Vick talks and the aggravating criminalization of Timmy Donaghy. Get outta here, July!

4.) ESPN — for the first time in maybe 3 years, I have made it over 28 hours without visiting ESPN.com. That’s one day and an added four hours, boys and girls! I’m thinking this is a good thing because a lot of times when I do visit ESPN.com, my mind gets to feel like it has shrunken from the idoticy that is several times displayed by some of their writers (being respectful, I won’t mention any names.) and Bill Simmons is getting quite full of himself with his BS Report. ESPN is advertising that almost more than what they have done with Who’s Now by adding Kevin James and Jessica Biel to the panel. Sorry Jessica, you’re a lovely lady but the effusive pop cultural crap being mixed in with sports has gotten you to debate over sports knowledge, and what you have done has been to completely screw up everything in the mix of talking sports, so I recommend ESPN getting these chicks on there instead. As for Kevin James, dude..King of Queens is awesome, but your sports credibility shouldn’t come on ESPN. But Who’s Now isn’t really sports-based anyway come to think of it.

5.) Tour De France — Is there even a Tour De France this year? I haven’t heard anything about it all month. Come on ESPN, I’m really surprised that you guys didn’t smack us in the face with more dump on Floyd Landis’s doping allegations. But I guess he covered a load of that in his recent book. I haven’t paid attention to anything, so my inability to to pay attention to ESPN has been pretty hard, which may be my case, but as far as I know ESPN has ignored the Tour De France. Give us more reasons to take a short hiatus from sports? Eh, I don’t know.

The one thing that any of us have to be looking forward ahead to at something we must accept is Barry Bonds’ impending milestone of 756. I’m now officially back into the sports groove, and now I just need to turn on the TV for some more coverage, and get back in the routine of discussing sports. In the meantime, it’s 1:37AM, and I’m exhausted.


5 thoughts on “Five Reasons Why We Should All Take a Hiatus from sports

  1. Troy, kudos for making it so long without logging on to ESPN.com. As for me, I just cut and paste my latest rant off my blog straight to their Ombudsman…who currently is actually a Ombudswoman. I got an automatic reply assuring me my complaints about their corporation were being read and reviewed. I feel much better now (ha). I continue to watch ESPN and ESPN2 with the sound off, just picking up the video, captions and ticker. I could care less what their acting-out anchors and analysts have to say. Just give me the games and the highlights and stop trying to be Entertainment Tonight or some sleazy tabloid show.

  2. Over the summer I have actually tacked on more hours watching NFL Network than I have had of watching ESPN. It’s kind of sad really, because I love a variety of sports instead of one solely. It’s also pretty pathetic that a few years ago, I thought that ESPN had an intrigue to it with all its characters with their dopey sayings. Consequently, I grew tired of it all and get aggravated every time I turn it on. Come on, I love comedy but it’s just overly saturated on ESPN and Stuart Scott (ESPECIALLY Stu Scott) has poked with it even further. Yet I still watch ESPN (and usually/use to visit ESPN.com daily.) Man, I’m a hopeless fella.

    Maybe I should try your method of watching without the sound off so the incessant Boo-yah’s of Stuart Scott will be non-existent! However, the ESPN.com “expert” analysis will still paint itself, perhaps a way to ‘turn off’ its text. Yep.. I know.

  3. TV sports are NOT sports. (Not Corinthian, not clean nor honest)

    TV ESPN-Disney sports are = steroids, amphetamines, fixed, gambling, lies, media shills, corked bats and cheating for TV high ratings.

    Disney likes things this way. An Opera Theater Steroid Show.

  4. You should have noted the time at the start of your article. I had to wait until the very end to find the reason for your absolutely horrific writing. Good lord.

    “…but compare what I’ve [written] to the millions [who] have said enough about him…”
    “…the pain and suffering he’s [gone] through…”
    “…I’m completely sickened and disgusted [having] watched the games…”
    “I could argue with you all day, but I [won’t]”
    “…my mind […] feel[s] like it has shrunken from the [idiocy] that [has] several times [been] displayed by some of their writers…”
    “…and what you have done [is] completely screw up everything in the mix of talking sports…”
    “The one thing that any of us have to be looking forward … ahead to … at something … we must accept…” [even I can’t fix this one]

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