The sayings I’m about to write aren’t going to be anything near politically correct, and will be used as comical relief, so I warn you.

Anyhow, we all have our sayings, “that guy punched that other guy’s lights out,” “oh, man! Did you see Jackson own Liddell?!” Well those are pretty normal. Consider these three new and recent moronic ones of May to now, the summer of 2007.

Ah, I bet that guy is going to Benoit his family.
That one dude Vicked his dogs a few days ago.
Hey now, don’t dog
Michael Vick

Not trying to sound like I have down syndrome in this post, I’m just still drained and my mind is still filled with video game football (after suddenly playing a load full after a hiatus from video games.)

So, bye bye Mr. Michael Vick
You can run all day but Petrino’s philosophy seems that you can’t pass worth shit
Thought you could run away from dogs and the rest of it
Good ol’ Vick smoking blunt after blunt, bail after bail
Singin’ “this will be the day I go to jail.”

Sorry, but I couldn’t stop myself from improvising a Michael Vick version of American Pie by Don Mclean. Seriously, though, looking back in this post, the Benoit was completely unnecessary. But the Vick ones, not at all.

Think of this post as a little refreshment for your mind after all of this “I hope Vick crashes on a motorcycle with Ben Roethlisberger…but Ben is undamaged!” kind of crap that we’ve all become quite accustomed to over the past few months (especially this past week.)

As for me, I’m off again getting ready for some more All-Pro Football 2k8, and NCAA Football ’08. Have a good weekend, guys and gals.


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