If you guys have been wondering why I didn’t post my Breaking ’em Down segment last night, the title of this post explains all. I’m a big sports gamer, and being a big sports gamer, I picked up these two games (APF 2k8/NCAA ’08) yesterday, and have been playing both of them (or well, one of them so far) near non-stop, completely filling my free time with this.

Yesterday, I played NCAA ’08 for around 2 hours; ended up playing All-Pro Football 2k8 for a near ridiculous 5-7 consecutive hours. I’ll tell ya what though, it surpassed my expectations and then some. I was very hyped that you could take your own created players into the online play and make due against other people around the world and their teams.

So as 2k doesn’t have the NFL license, I done a little creativity of my own. I created a St. Louis Rams-counterpart team. It allows you to break up stars into 2 Gold players, 3 Silver players, 6 bronze players. The rest of the team is filled out by generic players (which surprisingly, I enjoy!) Anyhow, here’s how I set up the St. Louis “R’s” with my created NFL players.

Marc Bulger
Steven Jackson (the long-hairless Stevie J.)

Orlando Pace
Torry Holt
Isaac Bruce

Corey Chavous
Tye Hill
Leonard Little
Will Witherspoon
Pisa Tinoisamoa
Drew Bennett

Not too shabby, huh? My first online game with my Rams-relevant team, I had a shootout with some guy that pulled a Marino-Branch combo on me. I was losing at one point, but on a punt, one of his generic players dived after the ball and tapped it away, so I picked it up with one of my generic players and ran in a TD. 1 minute left in the game, he goes for it on 4th down at midfield, going for the win. He doesn’t convert, so I’m at midfield. The answer? The created Torry Holt.

And yaddee-yaddee-yah, I stall the guy over the next 12 seconds, win the game.

Even on a game where there is no NFL significance except for the obvious football and old legends, you can make it significant.  As for NCAA, I don’t have much to say. I mean, eh, it’s a fun game, but it, just like Madden, has been nearly the same game over the past few years, and All-Pro Football 2k8 is a fresh breath of air. NCAA is fun, the animations are nice, but APF 2k8 is nicer’.

Oh, and I’ll be back with the Breaking ’em Down segments once I get unaddicted to these two games.. which could be a while. But I’ll still be posting some of my thoughts, or some brief thoughts, on what’s currently going around in the sports world.

Anyone interested in getting beat on All-Pro Football 2k8, or interested in beating me on NCAA ’08 (Xbox Live), add my gamertag: Hookshot Maniac.


3 thoughts on “All-Pro Football 2k8/NCAA Football ’08

  1. Believe me, Jigsaw. It will be pretty hard to put this game down due to its gameplay. I’m not even nearly the gamer I use to be that I was as a kid, but this game has had me addicted once again.

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