Back in March when I first started Troy’s Thoughts on Sports, I typed up an article regarding the Most underrated/overrated MLB player(s). In that, as you see (click the link), I emphatically had my choices as David Eckstein (underrated) and Alex Rodriguez (obviously the overrated.) Of course it was back in March, before the circa of the 2007 season. A-Rod was being smacked into the New York papers still yet about how he would react in his contract year. Ending his and the Yankees season, he batted a paltry 4-41 against the Detroit Tigers s(0.98 BA!) with NO RBI in the final 12 postseason games.


David Eckstein, however, was a hero in the 2006 World Series, where the Cardinals spanked the Tigers; going 8-22, batting in 4, and scoring 3. Not only that, but he was 4-5 in Game 4 with three doubles. Not too shabby. Many argued and scratched He’s not that good. He had his spotlight in the World Series and that was that. He finally got his recognition — but he was also an All-Star in 2005 and 2006 I must emit. His doomed, injury plagued, 2007 season that has also affected the Cardinals has knocked him out of the road.

If anyone in the MLB has aggravated me this year immensely, player-wise, it is A-Rod. Surely, as other fellow Yankees haters have been, I’ve rooted against him wishing a way that he would break down and his numbers would fold up. The exact opposite happened. He had probably the greatest April in Major League Baseball history. He had reduced his body fat from 17% to 9%, and chocked up on his leg so he would be able to swing harder and quicker to be less apt to strike out.

However, a little warning for Mr. Rodriguez: don’t get too happy over the first few months of the season. In New York, the Yankees fans only remember what you do in October. And so far, you have done nothing.


One thought on “An Apology to A-Rod

  1. What?! You hater! You didn’t apologize to A-Rod, you just pointed out the year he’s having and then followed up with an obsolete ending.

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