– If Marc Bulger stays healthy again
– If the 2006 Rookies can develop further
– If Steven Jackson can stay healthy the whole season again taking a lot of hits
– If the offensive line can play as one cohesive unit
– If the defense decides that they want to stop the run
– If Torry Holt comes up big
– If Isaac Bruce reaches over 1000 yards
– If the Rams can rack up wins consistently
– If Haslett can keep the defense in their own compuse
– If they decide to block harder upfront on special teams
– If Dante Hall can score some punt/kick returns
– If Scott Linehan doesn’t make bonehead moves to pass to Linehan on 4th and short situations
– If Wilkins can keep hitting field goals in his own persistent matter
– If the Rams defensive backs decide to play hard in the closing moments
– If they don’t rely on other teams to turn it over at the end of games all the time (Cardinals, Packers, Redskins)
– If Bulger continues to be a locker room leader
– If Steven Jackson can carry 6-7 defenders on his back again
– If Adam Carriker can successfully play in the 4-3
– If Jonathan Wade pans out to what he’s made up to be
– If Hill tackles better

Then the St. Louis Rams will be the NFC West division champions. Until then, the Seahawks still own the division, until the dust has settled and the smoke has cleared. (Or, er, the other way around.)

Either way, I’m confident that once again the 1-2 punch of the West will be the alternating Rams/Seahawks, Seahawks/Rams.

I must close this out with a ridiculous Torry Holt catch from last season, right before Josh Brown stepped on the Rams hopes of starting out 5-1.


Eat your heart out, Seahawks fans!

(NOTE: It’s 1:43 in the morning and I’m posting this. If you expected something with more insight, then forget it. I just wanted to get in a good post before I went to bed.)


One thought on “The 20 If’s for the 2007 St. Louis Rams

  1. Hopefully they do not need that many If’s to reach the division title. With one of the best running backs, a top five quaterback, and consistent receiving core, their offense should carry them into the playoffs. The only major “IFS” are injuries and “D”. Hopefully they can improve the run Defense. If so, I think they can top the Seahawks this year and more.

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