Today, not only should we celebrate our country’s independence from Great Britain on 1776, we should also realize the good we get from living in United States of America (I felt obligated to show respect to our country by not typing USA, but typing it all out) and turn our heads from the unnecessary whining of the bad that we are all accustomed to doing. Let the firecrackers go off, have a good ol’ American cookout, and last but not least, drink as much alcohol as possible (make sure to have a designated driver if you’re away from home.)

I’m not sure about how much I’ll be posting over the next few days, so I figured I would make this post a little more worthwhile of writing and for you that is reading by including some random thoughts on the buzz on sports and a video or two.

This is a bad way to say “fall back, shawty, fall back” to the catcher before swinging baseball swaddle punches at the pitcher. (NOTE: Ignore the annoying background music.)

I found the video here. Back in the day when the Seahawks were mediocre. I’d love to say that they were the same now, but it would be complete ersatz. However, talking trash and making fun of them is a joy. This video is more funny to watch than Matt Hasselbeck’s “We’re gonna take the ball, and we’re gonna score” quote from the 2004 Wildcard Playoffs shortly before he threw a game-ending INT to Al Harris that was returned for a TD.

What the hell is that? That’s all I have to say besides, this video is sooooooooo 2006. OK, maybe a little 2007 as well.

I need to stop degrading the Seahawks so badly. The disdain of the last two videos might come back to bite me in the future. However, it’s the present at the moment, and I’m ready to end this post. I might come back at you all with one tomorrow and following up on the next few days, or of course I might not. Whichever way it goes, happy 4th to all.


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