Joey Chestnut

Today, the inevitable happened. Not only did we see Nathan’s Hot Dog front runner Kobayashi’s streak come to a close, but adversary Joey Chestnut, a true American, took over the 2007 Mustard title belt and gulped down 66 wieners in convincing fashion.

What better, huh? The craziest things can get us hyped up when you’re watching TV. You can be sitting around doing nothing, fooling around flipping through channels. Then five minutes later you find yourself standing out of your seat acting like a buffoon — or was this act only interpreted by myself?

Ask those people, like myself, that are interested into all-around sports (with the exception of a few — which isn’t important right now) what was the best sports feat of the holiday? And your answer (from me anyway) will be Joey Chestnut’s hotdog eating massacre. Silly wordplay there, but massacre is correct.

Most sports enthusiasts didn’t even take note of the amazing accomplishment, but I know one baseball man that took a note. I was watching my Cards play the 3rd game of a 4-game series against the Diamondbacks a few hours ago, and Livan Hernandez of the Diamondbacks hit a homerun and trotted slowly around the bases allegedly showboating. Al Hrabosky went on to mention four or five times “I don’t like the hotdogging he’s doing..”, “some kind of class Hernandez is showing with the hotdogging around the bases..”, “it fuels my fire seeing him hotdog around third like that..”

It took a minute to soak it all in. Hotdog this, hotdog that. Hot-doggity-dog. What the hell? That’s just how Hrabosky loves to continue to speak the same word every single game he commentates. But I guess there’s an exception for this day. This could have been, and probably is, the greatest hotdog eating contest in the history of the United States. Yes, I’m serious folks — maybe it’s one of the greatest sporting feats in the history of all sportings feats, ever.

After all, eating is a sport too, right?


3 thoughts on “Eating — It’s a sport too, right?

  1. Hey, he’s from San Jose, CA I believe. Not too far from Balco. Surely, it’s not time to begin indicting the man just yet, though.

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