It should already be nailed to the wall with cardboard including text. Oden vs. Durant. The battle that is getting so old that it makes my grandmother look young. And it’s not about to stop anytime soon so pack your bags and hop on the bandwagon of all debates. It’s quite really due over who I believe will win in these categories, but let me break down some things. Some will be commonly argued, and some will be out-of-the-current-mind categories.

Best around the media: As Bill Simmons mentioned in his Oden/Durant article, Oden is pretty much the next Shaq. His humble attitude outmatches any type of adorning-him attitude that many fans can’t understand why he doesn’t have. On his YardBarker blog where he [surprisingly] answers most of his comments, I asked him, “Greg, are you another individual that believes the Spurs are boring?”, he answered back “No, man, they aren’t boring. I’m a big fan of Tim Duncan. And also Tony Parker — especially when he scores, they always show Eva Longoria.” Funny guy.

More likely to provoke a fight on court: If Oden took a hard foul to the hardwood and got up in a big man’s face, they wouldn’t want anything from Mister Oden. It’s simple, don’t mess with your elders. Especially when there’s a Rookie in the NBA that can exactly impersonate one at looks of being 40-48 years old. As for Durant, he’s just another ordinary looking NBA player. The usual stature, and all that. So it’s easy to know that Durant would be the likeliest to provoke a fight during his NBA career.

Better College Career: Durant is the easy winner here. Guards dominate the floor in today’s basketball atmosphere. Durant, at the moment, just has so many differing ways to score right now that he was completely unstoppable in the college game at 6’9″. Oden still has a whole lot of polishing to do before he can get it going on the offense as well as Durant, but of course, he has two weapons right now: left hand; right hand.

Best Dressed: This feels like one of them High School yearbooks where they have “most likely to have success..”, “most likely to become stars”, “best couple”, and all of that junk. But you know what? I can’t remember what Greg Oden or Kevin Durant wore during the draft. However, let’s throw Joakim Noah into this mix as the wildest groomed player. He’s the unauthorized man right here.

Better 7th NBA season: What kind of question or even query is this? Well I’ve been wondering who will have the better 7th season in the NBA. I see Oden missing 8 or 9 games in that respective season, while Durant putting on a show in the scoring log. However, Oden has the better season in everyone’s mind because the Blazers further themselves into the NBA playoffs in that respective season.

Most likely to read my blog: Ridiculous category, indeed, but an enthralling thought. Durant will probably be more likely to stack the cash in being in commercials promoting NBA Live ’08 with Gilbert Arenas, and Oden will be busy over at Josh McRoberts’ mom’s house during the off-season to even get on the internet. (Oden wrote a blog about going over to McRoberts’ house a lot back in the ‘day’.) So while neither win, I’m positive they log onto the internet to certainly check message board forums to check the love, hate, and all else debate that’s going on.

More likely to appear on Dancing with the Stars: Durant would be more likely seen on DWTS, he could probably pull some scoop dancing moves and all else that, that show has. If Oden ever appeared, I would be shocked. The judges would most likely comment on his age and how well he still gets around, while still being in an oblivious state of mind. But think about it — these two guys dancing around with these 5-foot-something women would be like beauty and the big-damn-beast all over again. The possibility is implausible anyway.

Better video game overall rating: NBA 2k and Live games love guards. I’ll have to give this one to Durant in the future, but Oden for now. The obvious reason is why Oden was the first overall pick of the draft for Portland, he’s going to be a bigger franchise player than Durant because a true Center like Oden only comes around once every 10-15 years. I can almost guarantee Oden will have the better ratings this year, but over the next few seasons, be sure to watch out for 2k and Live showing their undeniable and nauseating love for Durant.


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