So dude [Steven “Action” Jackson] says he’s going to rack up a sufficient amount of yards this season, and surpass his own expectations once again. Many people think he’s arrogant for it. However, what makes him arrogant about it? He’s stating an own bold prediction himself and making it due that he’s out to make plays when September gets here, even though many are calling him an arrogant prick. Are you kidding me?

When the Rams drafted him out of Oregon State with the 24th overall pick in the 2004 draft, they knew they were getting a talented player capable of being the featured back when Faulk neared retirement. But he has surpassed expectations by, to be blunt, being this good.

And you know what’s funny? NFL Draft “expert” Mel Kiper Jr. mentioned on that Draft Day in April 2004 that Jackson was going to be a bust, and that he danced around all too much in the backfield. Nice prediction, Kipe! Now, Jackson is even talking like a veteran leader despite being about a month shy of his 24th birthday.

“I would tell guys [to] always be coachable, be humble, and receive what your coaches are trying to tell you,” Jackson said of the advice he imparts to incoming rookies. “You all work together to attain a common goal—and that’s to reach the Super Bowl—and once you get in the game, don’t think; just react. You’ve been playing all your life, pretty much, so play the game,” added Jackson, who said Adrian Peterson shares the most similarities with him among this year’s rookies. Both were the first running backs taken in their class.

“When the great Marshall Faulk passed that torch, I was not going to fumble it.”
— Steven Jackson

That speaks for itself. Jackson is a workhorse. Look out for the 2007 St. Louis Rams.


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