Why am I writing a post especially about Joakim Noah? Simply because of this (my blog stats. These are my article views that people have been typing into search engines to find my blog.)

joakim noah 7
noah draft 3
joakim noah mother 2
joakim noah girlfriend 2
photos de la draft 2007 greg oden et noa 2
2007 Champion Watches (spurs) 1

Just grand. Very grand. Now, guys and gals, I will present you the grandest of them all; a photo from the 2007 NBA Draft from Thursday night.

********Warning: Viewer discretion should be advised.********

Now am I crazy or is it correct that he does in fact look like a fluffy poodle? Maybe let’s look at the possibilities that I’m about to jot down that is relevant to the man or animal or just tranny-like-type-thing that is Joakim Noah.

1.) He looks like an Oakland Raiders fan in the Black Hole section.
2.) Again, he looks like a poodle named Alfie.
3.) Of course he does look like the poor-man’s-basketball-version of the Pittsburgh Steeler’s Troy Polamalu.
4.) Breaking News: Joakim Noah’s mom is a milf?
5.) Type in “Joakim Noah’s mom is” in quotations exactly like that on Google and go to the images sections and tell me what that picture is doing on there.

I’m sorry, Joakim, but who did your momma screw to have you? I rest my case.


4 thoughts on “JOKE’im Noah

  1. What’s happened to the dignity of the sport? Between the thugs and the clowns, and they wonder why no one takes them seriously. Was Noah auditioning for a role as Bozo the clown?

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