…When your adrenaline starts pumping from a DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket letter.

“Dear Troy,

It’s almost time. Almost time for jaw-dropping Steven Jackson touchdowns. Almost time for electrifying Dante Hall returns. Almost time for Bulger and Holt to lead your St. Louis Rams back to the top of the NFL.”

And as the letter came with the schedule, it had a picture of Steven Jackson, under it saying, “The Rams just missed a wildcard berth last season, setting up 2007 as a year of redemption,” which got me into creating an extra-lame username on football forums, RamsRedemption. I happen to like the name though. It has attitude to it and will work and thaw out for me through the 2007 season.

I must apologize for not writing anything the last couple of days. I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t gotten the time of day to get online and improvise anything. The next article will be focused on the Top 5 NFL Wide Outs. I’m sure I will receive a lot of heat for my personal top 5, but let the heat wave on in, and I’ll have to bring out some sprinklers.


3 thoughts on “You know you’re excited for Football season…

  1. I am super excited for football season.

    Since you’re a Rams fan, how do you think Kevin Curtis will do with the Eagles? I’ve heard good things about him from my friends in St Louis but I’d like the opinion of someone I don’t know.

    Thanks, and nice blog!

  2. Curtis is obviously an explosive wide out. His biggest downside is that he’s only 5’8″, but all it takes for him to catch some passes is for him to be able to zoom past defensive backs and that’s what he did for the Rams. (especially in 2005.) He didn’t work out too much for St. Louis in 2006 because Scott Linehan ran many 2-wide, 2-tight end, single back sets. Bulger was utilized a lot more to pass to Holt and Bruce, and a developing Joe Klopfenstein, so we didn’t use Curtis as our slot receiver very often.

    But don’t let Curtis’s fall from glory last year fool you. He can catch passes; he certainly has hands if he has open space. He never made any spectacular catches where there was someone per-say Sean Taylor on the ground waiting or him to land with a catch so he could get the crap knocked out of him, and he’d hold onto the ball, but he created a lot of space with his speed and got into open areas of the field which made him explosive.

    Good luck to the Eagles this season! I hope that was what you were wanting to hear.

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