The ratings have never mattered to me. It’s never been any secret that when the Spurs got to the Finals, the ratings would go down. But for some reason, this one post really got my wheels turning.

You know what is really sad about the NBA Finals ratings slide? They always slide when the ONE and only consistently fundamental team, who plays the game the way it was meant to be played, gets to the Finals.

What is it that people have against San Antonio? They always get passed off as “boring,” yet they can run with the best of them, slow it down with the best of them, play defense better than the best of them, and play physically with the best of them. They simply get it done no matter who they’re playing or when they are playing them. They are just that damn good.

Was Bill Russell’s Celtics boring when they weren’t throwing down 360 dunks every night?

Were the Bad Boys boring when they were winning with defense?

Were Jordan’s Bulls bori… ok, that may be taking it too far, but I believe my point has been made. It doesn’t really bother me that many fans refuse to watch the Spurs; thats their loss. But it does annoy me that they aren’t even getting a chance. Their post-season run this year has been phenomenal. They have played all different styles and tempos in each series (and won each one of them).

If anyone has followed the Spurs through this year’s playoffs, they would know just how exciting they can be. Take the Utah series for instance; there was no controversy in that one, just pure domination. Was I the only one that saw the alley-oops and between-the-legs passes? It appeared to be enough to only get the critics to shut up. Now that they are involved in another sub-80 performance, they are being called “boring” again from every corner of the NBA World.

Ratings, shmatings. If it were your team playing for the NBA title as often as the Spurs are, you wouldn’t care either.


One thought on “We Talkin’ ‘Bout Finals Ratings?

  1. Thank you for telling the truth. Found you through the tags on the entry after I wrote my (late) post on the Spurs (I just started blogging again after a bit of a break).

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