It’s hard to call myself a Michael Vick fan anymore. More-so proclaim to myself that I cheer for Mike Vick on Sundays in the NFL when he’s lining up behind center for the Atlanta Falcons. His success has been overshadowed, but what success has he had? Winning a snow game in Green Bay during the 2002-2003 playoffs? That’s tainted. Taking the Falcons to the NFC Championship game in his 4th season? That’s tainted too; the Eagles ended their 3-straight NFC title game losses into a win over the Falcons in their 4th consecutive appearance. So what has Vick accomplished?It’s simple: nothing. The way he is ‘running’ his career, it seems that it will be staying that way. With his brother Marcus getting into all kinds of trouble in recent memory, so has Michael. But you don’t expect a star NFL QB to get into deep trouble do you? With Roger Goodell rubbing his hands with glee and waiting for his chance to suspend yet another player, maybe Vick deserves it. Who seriously carries jewelry in a water bottle? Who lends a house over to his family to not even know anything about dog fighting, yet despite having 67 dogs on the premesis, and knowing other people that have allgedly said that the person is involved with dog fighting? Michael Vick, apparently.

With the water bottle incident becoming an old topic anymore anyway, with everything being said and done, there’s a new topic that is swaying around the world — Michael Vick: Mr. Dog Fight. Pound for pound. Believe it. Vick loves them dogs, eh? He loves ’em so much that he’s going out of his way three times a week to buy ’em pups some Puppy Chow, eh? No. He’s more than likely going out of his way with his money and bringing his dogs to dog fighting competitions and gambling them.

The situation is a lot like kids with sports trading cards. You wave them around, brag to your friends about them, deal them, and put them on the line over silly competitions. Dog fighting. When you hear those two words, you’re probably automatically thinking of two dogs colliding and biting eachother barking loud. Dog fighting. Now when you hear those two words, you will think of Michael Vick. Because I sure as hell do. Now put them in a sentece together — Michael Vick is involved in dog fighting activities.

I was watching the special on Sports Center about Vick’s involvement with dog fighting, and I felt like throwing up. The next day, I could look at my own dog without feeling like crap. Dog fighting, cock fighting, or any kind of fighting that involves animals, is stupid. Period. It is putting animals at risk of getting seriously injured for the rest of their lives, or potentially having them killed or perennially youthenized. But oh, wait, the usual response from the Vick lovers is usually “but he’s not guilty”. True, he hasn’t been found guilty yet, but when there are several people speaking of how Vick has been involved in the dog fighting ‘industry’, it’s more than likely true no matter how you slice the cake.

I’ve defended Vick’s play on the field for years, but I’m not going to tolerate standing up for his off the field incidents. Kids, dog fighting is cruel. Learn from that. Don’t learn from Michael Vick. The thing is, Vick is a role model. It doesn’t matter if he wants to be or not. He’s going to be influencing kids all over the United States and fans from around the world. He’s one of the more popular figures in the NFL and he’s letting it all slip through his hands like a fumble. Don’t cough up too much more, Mike.


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