Thinking over the Stoudemire, Diaw/Horry suspensions the past two days have made me believe a whole new way of the whole rule and what it means to have it in the NBA. There’s a place inside of me that is deep and buried under many thoughts that well, I feel bad for David Stern. Yes, I said it, there’s a place inside of me that feels bad for David Stern, and although I hate to admit it, I have my reasonings.

He appeared on the Dan Patrick radio show (and many other shows as well) and got into a heated rage, firing at Patrick’s comments after Patrick said “Since these suspensions will probably cost the Suns the NBA championship.” That was the lighter to the fire cracker on David Stern’s level, and he went off on Patrick. Of course, if I were Stern, I would fold like a lawn chair after being asked questions 24/7 as well. However, this doesn’t serve justice.

Robert Horry, the antagonist behind the whole ordeal of everything that has taken place, is now being called “the man that done the Suns in.” What I don’t get is, is why is he being called the man behind the mask for the whole situation? It wasn’t like he was carrying a Stoudemire/Diaw/Suns’ bench magnet and he carried them off of the bench. The way he hip-checked the beaten and battered should-of-been MVP Steve Nash was harsh, which there’s no question about, but why should Stoudemire and Diaw have reacted the way they did? Because they were tired of playing real basketball with the San Antonio Spurs.

Of course, what I just wrote was part of the truth. If I were a Suns player, and I was tired of the way the Spurs have just acted this series, and the way they have just been the aggressor the whole group of games, my way of acting like Stoudemire and Diaw would have been just as similar to that way, but my intentions wouldn’t have been like there’s. There intention was to get onto the court and act onto and provoke the action on the court, and that was the wrong thing to do, whether you like it or not. That’s the rule, and it’s set for everyone regardless. Case closed, pretty much.


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