After taking a break from my blog, a lot has been going around in the sports world. Over the past two weeks, we’ve seen the first round of the NBA Playoffs, De La Hoya/Mayweather, Nascar streaks continuing, the Milwaukee Brewers scaring the hell out of every team in the MLB, the San Antonio Spurs causing a ruckus (that I guessed), the Golden State Warriors getting into a mix with the Utah Jazz. Out this whole rambling I just wrote, it’s not even enough yet, and I didn’t even go through every single informative bit.

Roger Clemens is a New York Yankee again
And I’ve been lazy for the past week. Seriously, the guy is one of the greatest pitchers of all-time regardless of what you think. I’ll give the man his due, his worth, but do you seriously think he returned to the New York Yankees to be, well, a Yankee again? Of course not. He may have won his 2 rings in New York as a Yankee, but do you seriously think he would leave his family in Houston just like that? No way! I think the $28M speaks for itself. If I had the chance to make $102.48 a minute, I would go anywhere in the world for that. However, what’s with all the buzz over Clemens? He’s 45 years old, and isn’t the “Rocket” he once was, but of course he will bring in some jersey cash, and more ticket sales. Have fun, Yanks.

Dirty Spurs
So the new big buzz in the NBA is that the Spurs are dirty. Sounds like some news to me, because those 3 championship banners hanging up in the AT&T Center doesn’t sound like dirty basketball in my eyes. Amare Stoudemire brought up the claims that the Spurs were a dirty team after they defeated San Antonio in the second game of the series, as San Antonio sparked back by defeating them in Game 3. It’s the playoffs, Amare. Remember that. When you’re in the midst of a series against one of the classiest teams in basketball, you don’t call them dirty because of tough-nose basketball. You sneeze on a player in today’s game, and you will get called for a flagrant. You’re still young, Stat, and you will only learn more and more, but right now, your team is down 2-1, and you’ve lost home court advantage for the most part. The Spurs are on their way to another NBA title, and you’re too busy making asinine statements to the media about how tough and physical the Spurs are. If watching paint dry wins championships, then so be it, because that hustle and flow game doesn’t. Know your facts, Amare, and stop getting into foul trouble; quit crying, and play basketball.

So Brett Favre is angry about the Packers not acquiring Randy Moss. And rightfully so. If I’m Favre, and my way out of the NFL is near over the next 2 years, and I’m wanting one more playoff run, I sure as hell am disappointed. If I’m Favre, and my team hasn’t done anything transaction-wise over the past 3-5 years, and I’m a sitting duck QB anymore, losing my game, yet still playing at a high enough level to get it done, yet I don’t have enough help that a QB should have in a winning team, then I’m definitely pissed off. If Brett wants to win now, the Packers should have gotten Brett some help to win now. It’s just absolutely ridiculous when these things come up, especially the claims that Favre demanded a trade. It’s obvious he loves Green Bay, Wisconsin, and loves playing as a Green Bay Packer. Why trade him, and make the claims that he demanded a trade as it’s all false? I got two words for the media: shut up.


2 thoughts on “And back to the drawing board..

  1. The whole Yankees/Clemens thing is just irritating me. I hate hearing about it all the time. We’ve already heard enough, and will just hear more as his first start back as a New York Yankee draws closer.

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