Starting off, I was playing basketball last night (and a little bit of the evening) with a friend of mine, 1 on 1, in about 6-7 games, and I was trying to make a complete up and under right around the basket, and slid on the gravels (yes, in my driveway), and my ankle turned. It stung for about five minutes, and it was great for the remaining game(s). This morning, I wake up, and it’s extremely sore. I should have expected it. I usually always play pick up games over the weekend with several different friends (not on gravel.) Nothing serious, but there’s no way in hell to really run that effectively which sucks. Onto some sports notes of the week.

My Cards are 9-11 now. I haven’t wrote a bunch about them due to the NBA Playoffs starting, and the NFL Draft coming up hence having to write a few articles elsewhere. Our offense being inconsistent is just mind boggling throughout so far. The most consistent starter we have is Braden “Super” Looper (the nickname I’ve given him.) Reyes has been terrible, Wainwright has the new “Wainwright face” (stealing one from Bill Simmons’ page, and his “Manning face”) going on, and every time you see it, you automatically can sense runs being given up. Kip Wells is a good pitcher; better than what his record shows, but he needs to realize that he’s not playing for a bad team anymore (regardless of what the 9-11 record shows.) He needs to make the best of his pitches, and throw something at the opposing team’s batters that will allow your fielding to handle. Wells hasn’t been able to grasp that yet. No comment on Keisler. I’m waiting for more starts out of the guy. I can’t wait until Chris Carpenter returns.

My (St. Louis) Rams acquired Dante Hall from the Kansas Chiefs Chiefs, yesterday, giving up a 5 rounder. I heard the news, and instantly began to get excited. The Human Joystick, Dante Hall, is a proven special teams player, from all the spectacular moments he’s brung in to Kansas City. Dick Vermeil spoke on him earlier today. They had him on 1380 AM earlier today. Vermeil said Hall is better than any returner Rams have ever had, Horne and Hakim included. Says the only reason he struggled was because of the respect punters and special teams coaches had for him and punted away from him. To me, that is worth a 5th round pick every time. That makes sense; I can almost guarantee that we will have better field position this season. Here’s a preview:

Notes on the 2007 NBA playoffs later on.


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