13 years and counting, the Golden State Warriors have been an illustrious team that isn’t even noted anymore. A team that really lost it’s reputation for the way they use to play like; the way they were known. The Golden State Warriors of the 1960’s and 1970’s were a feared team in the NBA. They were a threat every time they played on the court, and would always really take away what you would call skills of the other team.

This year, they sneaked into the playoffs, grabbing the 8th playoff seed, and they have reserved their rights to play the Dallas Mavericks. The catch? The Warriors were undefeated against the Mavericks in the regular season. Dallas defeated every single team in the league at least one time, except Golden State. That’s just a stat that hangs out in my mind, and keeps me wondering: what in the hell is wrong with this league? It’s “supposive” best team in all of the basketball land, is in trouble versus a team they should smack. What’s the deal?

The deal is that Avery Johnson, the little General, who most notably played for that ’99 championship team of the San Antonio Spurs, is obviously scared of Don Nelson. After Nelson retired from the NBA following 2004, he became the assistant coach of the Dallas Mavericks, with Don Nelson being his mentor. After Nelson left the Mavericks the following year, Johnson took over. With Johnson in his first full season winning the coach of the year, and cashing in on a trip to the NBA Finals, they face Golden State this season, and Nellie is in the driver’s seat. It’s a lot like Oakland Raiders/Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl where Jon Gruden, former coach of the Raiders, completely out-coached Bill Callahan, and his former team, to win the big game en route.

Onto the point: while I think the Mavericks are going to win the series, and I have money on it, simply put because they’re the better team, even though Baron Davis owns them like Kobe Bryant owns them; I must say, I love the Golden State Warriors’ fans. How can you meet such classy fans? Over the last couple of years, I’ve met several Warriors’ fans, and I’ve found them to be so classy, in being able to acknowledge other teams in winning, losing, and even in the sake of a game. Warriors fans are truly inevitable to talk to, and will remain that way unless they defeat the Mavericks, and my opinion on Warriors fans will only be modified thanks to the bandwagoners that would jump on that Golden State team from fans from the eastern states, northern states, and southern states. Some Lakers fans will jump, Clippers fans will jump; hell, any non die-hard will jump. But for right now, I love the Golden State Warriors’ fans, but I gotta tell you guys, for sake of the money I’ve laid down on bets for this series, I’m rooting against you.

RIP David Halberstam
One of the most brilliant writers of all-time, one of the best ever, died today in a traffic accident today. It’s tragic news, and as a writer myself, it disturbs me. He was currently writing on a book featuring the Korean war as the book has now been cut short, due to his untimely death. He wrote books featuring an inside look on basketball hall of famer, Bill Walton; fellow basketball hall of famer, Michael Jordan; and a story on the Boston Red Sox/New York Yankees rivalry in a book called Summer of ’49. As I write this, I say, thank you for the joy you brought to the writing world, David Halberstam, you will be missed tremendously.


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