It’s interesting on how the NBA Playoffs are getting ready to begin. While I plan to write an article, analyzing the playoffs, and breaking the series down, I wrote this (upcoming) articles a few weeks back (maybe a month ago), and it’s my explanation of who should be the Most Valuable Player of the 2006-2007 NBA season. I hope you enjoy.

Well, it’s obviously known it’s going to come down to Nash and Nowitzki. Unfortunately, it’s not based on who’s more valuable to its respective team. If it was based on that, there’s other contributing players on the Mavericks that could very well jump into the whole equation. Yes, Dirk is a great player, and key compoent to that team in Dallas; however, people overlook that one guy, number 5, his last name is Howard, and he’s pretty good playing up there. Add to that: you could call Josh Howard a roleplayer to the Mavericks on the side of Dirk, but you have to watch some of the Mavs games, and take a look at the way he plays (which can’t be solved by stats), and notice his presence on the court.

Now don’t get in any mindset what so ever of thinking I’m saying that Josh Howard should be MVP. I’m not even trying to state anything sort of that. I’m just saying, people should look past how Dirk is doing, and take in the way of what other players are doing for their team — his teammates. The same is said for the two-time (last two, also) MVP, Steve Nash. He has Amare Stoudemire, Shawn Marion, and the possible Sixth Man of the Year in Leandro Barbosa. Stoudemire was entering his third season in 2004. He wasn’t exactly established yet. Nash comes in, and he dominates. Now Stoudemire stil had talent boosted in him. Though, Nash came in, and really rejuvented the whole Phoenix Suns’ team, and made him even more dominate in that 2004-2005 season. Marion? He was aleady a great player, and Nash came in, feeding him more passes, and more looks. Marion has gotten a better overall sense of play (it looks like, judging from the way the Suns play), and defensive ability than he had before, seemingly more confident in his game with Nash on the court.

In the end, I’d take Nash as the MVP. Dirk is definitely deserving, but I just think Nash is the more deserving player because of the little things he does that no one hardly pays attention to, much (these past couple of seasons people have, though, haha.) His passing skills are obviously ranking high off the charts, he can step back and pop the shot, his still-young style of speed at his age being perfect for the fast-break offense, just to name those big things he does well. The little things? He makes good [or great] players even better. That’s been proven with Marion (as said). Stoudemire was going into that third season, and he wasn’t a big name a lot of cities yet. Nash comes in, Stoudemire has a great season, people know more of Amare.


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