Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been reading a lot on the subject of the Columbine High School shootings that took place on April 20, 1999. I guess it was oh, maybe, March 26, I started looking into the subject. I just had feelings on the matter that day, and I was interested in the topic for a reason. I visited several forums, and other discussion boards over the next couple of weeks, speaking of the subject, and sharing my own opinions and views over the possible reasons of why the two kids did what they did. No one ever truly knows what exactly had it occur, besides the usual “oh, video games, metal music”, etc. but it appeared to have been the bullying the two kids went through.

Living in Virginia, the area of the United States that has seemed to always be a safe place, a quiet place. Where I’ve lived, it’s always been quiet, and nothing ever happens, nor do you expect it to. I’m not a big fan of living in Virginia, overall, due to there not being a lot of job opportunities. However, it’s always been a good place to reside, in terms of there being a low crime rate, and not very many things you would likely hear in of the news about things of this area, and most places around the state.

Granted, this is a sports blog, and rightfully so. However, yesterday on April 16, four days before the 8 year anniversary of the Columbine shooting massacre, a college I love, a college I have passion for, and have a big heart for their sports programs for, as a college that I like to call “home college”, Virginia Tech University, was shot up by a graduate student that was originally born and raised in South Korea. Prior to yesterday, the biggest overall school shooting in America was the Columbine Massacre. Now, the biggest shooting spree in all of American history, now falls back over Blacksburg, Virginia with dark clouds.

A total of 33 deaths, and 32 victims. Sitting here, thinking to myself, wow. As I asked myself yesterday, several times, “how could someone want to do something like this?” Several people believe that the killer’s girlfriend had been having an affair with a different guy, and the killer was raged. Still in my thinking process, I kept thinking of ways it could have been prevented. When the first shooting happened, it seemed as if they could have released the students on campus, since one shooting had already happened. However, police reported that they had cleared off of what had occurred, and it seemed safe. The way it was handled, in my opinion, was terrible.

No, I’m not going to go on and on debating over why they didn’t close campus or anything, I just wanted to send a tribute, along with my blessings, and sincere thoughts, out to Virginia Tech University, the parents and families of the victims, and everyone else who were extremely touched by this whole tragedy. I can’t even express the way I’ve felt over the event that took place yesterday, and I’ve had very many heartfelt thoughts, that I can’t even write those thoughts out to state how I feel. It’s been extremely heartbreaking, and I hope Virginia Tech, and the fellow people of Virginia, can get through this as time gradually passes.


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