Face it, kids, Kip Wells was pretty damn good in his first start of the season against the New York Mets. He didn’t get the win (thanks to the Cardinals not chirping with their bats), but he pitched solid. He came into Houston today, and he pitched more than solid. He pitched completely lights out, gathering himself 7 k’s. Heh, he didn’t do so bad on the wood side neither, having himself a single. Happy Easter to you, Kip. Get on the team bus, have a few drinks, and crack some jokes about the Pittsburgh Pirates with a couple of “bad” years included because we have a date with them tomorrow. You deserve it, Kippy. Oh, I forgot to mention the score: 10-1. It had a major factor in the end result, though. Take a few guesses? Wait, let me write out a few guesses for you (potential ones): pitching blows up a bit late in the game? Incorrect. Jeff Bagwell runs down onto a field in his uniform attire, ready to go, and smashes a floating changeup out of the ballpark? No. The correct thing that happened is what has already happened this season – So Taguchi. 2 outs in the 9th, we had the game wrapped up easily, and a routine, carrying shortward fly ball came in at him in left field and went right past his glove. Granted, it was only 1 run scored on the play. But damn it, as a Cardinals fan, I wanted a shutout! However, it’s Easter. Thank you, God, for allowing the Cardinals to pick up such a huge win today, and for giving Kip Wells such command at the mound for a game. Amen.

Lets not forget one factor that played into this whole shananagin in Minute Maid. Albert Pujols. Just by saying the name you probably think “homerun”, right? Of course. He hit his first of the season today off of Jason Jennings in the third inning, bringing in Chris Duncan with him. Pujols had been sluggish this season, and the biggest concern was him getting the pop out of his bat. He wasn’t being that aggressive, and when he was, he was getting over top of the pitch, and it just bounced, ending with him grounding out. He’s only had a few flyouts this year, and not too many. I wanted to see some more pop in his swing. Today, I did. That 3rd inning blast was nice to finally see from Albert, and I jumped up in joy as he cranked that pitch out of the ball park naming it a two run shot by the great Albert Pujols. Now I guessed for this to of happened yesterday night (it didn’t, we lost 5-1). Unfortunately that failed, but he did it today en route to a 10-1 victory over the Houston Astros (5 runs scored in the 9th inning alone off of none other than Brad Lidge. Hey Brad, haven’t seen you in a while, how do you feel? That 2005 NLCS Game 5 pitch to Pujols still getting at you? I see. Talk to you later, take it easy, give me runs, give me meat pitches, give me a win. Thanks, I appreciate it).

In other news, the Washington Wizards have now been without Gilbert Arenas for two games. With Arenas out for 2-3 months, it’s been hard on the Wizards, right? Well, you could think of it that way, but Antawn Jamison has been putting on a show! In the Wizards/Cavaliers game on Friday night, Jamison had 21 points in the first half (only 6 or 7 I believe in the second?) ending with 27 points (? I believe). The thing is, the Wizards lost after having the lead much of the game. It was an atrocious night for the Wizards. Not only are the missing Gilbert Arenas, but another asset to the team — Caron Butler. To add the effect of sad news for the Wiz, last night against the New Jersey Nets, Antawn Jamison hit a 3 with 1 second left to tie the game up and force overtime. However with Jason Kidd’s ALMOST-quadruple double (1 turnover away) and Vince Carter’s triple double, the Nets were just too nail-tough to beat as the Wizards fail. So that’s two games without Arenas, two losses. I’m going to be looking out to see how they fair in the playoffs. Other than that, what in the hell happened to Jarvis Hayes? He knocked down five 3’s. That’s a stat you have to just grab your personal basketball bible out, and write that down as a career note for the guy. On an ending note, happy Easter to all!


2 thoughts on “Well“s” Done

  1. I saw glimpses of that Rangers/Sox game. Papi just seemed to of been on a tear to smash some out of the ballpark tonight. Good grief.

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