So finally, I get a feeling. The feeling of this is what a damn win feels like! The feeling I’ve been waiting for since we won the World Series in October 2006. It’s been a while. It was since October that we picked up that win over the Detroit Tigers in five games to lock up the World Series, snapping our teeth down on that glorified trophy. Tonight, we defeated the 0-3 Houston Astros 4-2. It finally felt good to win. As I seen our starting pitcher, #50, Adam Wainwright, I pictured in my mind, that curveball he threw across the plate on Carlos Beltran to enter the World Series. I then pictured in my mind the last pitch he threw before the game today, before Spring Training, the final pitch to Brandon Inge where Inge struck out swinging handing the St. Louis Cardinals the World Series trophy. Yes, it felt good. It felt damn good.

I was still in a trance tonight, and for some reason I kept thinking of that 2004 World Series which was bastardized by the Red Sox. Thinking back to that Series, I knew the Sox had it won as soon as they made it, they had just came back from an 0-3 series defecit to the Yankees to win 4 straight, as they won 4 more straight against the Cardinals to defeat us in the World Series that year. I do admit, it stung. It stung like 50 bees at once (can’t say I’ve felt 50 bees sting me at once), and it stung until October 2006. The Red Sox finished 3rd in their respective division last year, and they had to watch us win the World Series. The Yankees were sitting at home, the Red Sox were sitting at home, the Astros were sitting at home, the Royals were sitting at home, and most importantly, for the 98th consecutive year, the Cubs were sitting at home. We faced the class of the American League, the Detroit Tigers, and defeated them in five games, spanking them. I’ll never forget that World Series last year. Thank you, thank you.

Anyhow, ending the flashback moment, I loved how Wainwright pitched tonight. He pitched a hitless 3 innings. In the top of the 4th, Taguchi scored. Later in the 4th, Chris Duncan smashed a pitch out of the ballpark with a 2-run shot giving us a 3-0 lead. It felt good, finally leading this year after being completely shut down by the New York Mets. However, my concerns resided on how Pujols went 0-3 with a walk, and Rolen went hitless as well, striking out one time. I’ll mention more negative notes later in end notes of the article. We didn’t have a strong offfensive night, but it was just enough to win the game 4-2.

Adam Wainwright pitched effectively.  He didn’t K a lot of batters up, but he forced them to get the contact — rephrasing, the wrong contact. The wood they got on the ball was right down at the ground or flyout type of wood on the ball. It paid off for us holding down Carlos Lee, Craig Biggio, and Lance Berkman for most of the night. Wainwright controlled the pitches and the Astros batters couldn’t get good wood on it, and Waino got the win. Thank God for that, I say. We advance to 1-3, and what could really get better? I know, a sweep of the Astros. I liked Adam’s posture all night. He really had the Houston batters where he was going, and how to effectively lay down a good hit on Waino. They were unsuccessful in doing so, and we came out with a win. It was as simple as that.

However, what concerns me is still, our batting. Pujols nor Rolen could get anything going. Pujols had an 0-3 night, like mentioned, with a walk. Rolen, like mentioned, was hitless, and struck out once. Pujols in his first at bat, flew out. His second at bat, he grounded out. It wasn’t like the rest of the lineup was any better, but we were able to get the job done, with Duncan’s 2-run blast, and Taguchi’s run. Also Duncan nearly had a potential triple, but he was tagged out at third. Adam Kennedy hit a double somewhere in the game, so that’s a positive. Our hitting is coming along, but I’d love to see more from Albert and Scott. It seems as they haven’t been able to find theirselves this year yet. While Rolen is having problems getting contact with the ball, Pujols is unable to get under it with power and exposure for any pop what so ever except on a few occasions. What gives? Who knows? I say tonight, Pujols will hit his first homerun of the season.

De-select the Panic Button
I should no longer worry about the Mets. Fellow Cards fans, you shouldn’t neither. Tonight, they defeated the Atlanta Braves 11-1. As they scored a total of 20 runs against us, they obviously scored 11 on the Braves tonight. While I was truly concerned with our whole team, as we only scored 2 runs total against them in a 3-game series. The Braves only scored one on them tonight. So it effectively wasn’t our complete necessity of the business by not outplaying the Mets, but it was more of the Mets outplaying us. The Shea Stadium ballpark of New York has a damn good team that plays there, and they haven’t even played a regular season game in that park yet.


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