The Cards are now in Houston getting ready for their 4th game of the season. Yes, the season that is ever-so-winless right now. It feels like the 2004 Seattle Mariners as they started off, what? 0-12? We’re only 0-3 but damn, it sure feels like we’re in a bigger slump than that after being swept by the best of the best of the National League, the New York Mets. Now I’ve been in a big rant the past couple of days, spewing my thoughts on the Cards’ season like it’s the end of the year, and maybe I’m a little overactive about the whole situation, but when we can only muster out two runs in three games, that’s just sad. I’m not taking away Glavine’s, Hernandez’s, or Maine’s pitching skills, but only two runs in three games is beyond pathetic.

After analyzing over the last few games over not our pitching, but our offense, it has seemed to me that Albert [Pujols] hasn’t been able to get under a friggin’ ball this year. So you’re sitting there, reading this (in the future, because I type this presently), and thinking “why is Troy only mentioning Albert in this and not Rolen, Edmonds, Eckstein, Molina, Duncan, Kennedy, Wilson, Schumacher, or Taguchi? Hell, even Aaron Miles?” Well the fact is clear and simple: Albert provides the energy to this team. Remember when he had that career April in 2006? Our team won. Now it wasn’t all because of him, it was because of the energy he brung to the team, and it really made the other guys in the dugout want to get out there and score some runs after seeing Pujols smash some pitches out of the ballpark.

So tonight, the Astros are pretty much giving us a warm reception to their home, Minute Maid Park. Adam Wainwright is on the hill for us tonight, in his first start since pitching in the Minor Leagues. Now I’ve been a big Waino fan ever since last year’s playoff performance. Tonight, I’ll be praying to God for an even  bigger performance starting-wise. Actually, forget the pitching as of now, and look at the offense. That is what we need to look at right now, not the starting pitching (moreso the bullpen). If only we could score some runs tonight, it would be grand to come out victorious to go up 1 game in this series with the Astros being winless at the moment just like we are.


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